Chapter 39

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"-ll, -iall, -all, Niall." Niall woke up feeling someone lightly tapping his cheek. Slowly he opened his eyes only to close them again quickly because honestly, Harry's face was only inches away from his' and it scared him a little.

"Niall?" He could hear the voice clearly now and it sounded like Louis. "Harry, a little distance please? I seriously don't think he wants to kiss you at the moment. Niall open your eyes again please."

Carefully Niall opened his eyes, he looked up to where he could make out Louis' voice and quickly discovered his head rested on the man's lap. "Hi beautiful," continued Louis like he was waking up a child. "Just focus on me ok?" Niall tried hard despite his blurred vision. "That's right, just me." He focused on Louis' head and kept blinking on order to get his vision straight. That's until he heard some other noises come from his right side, Niall's eyes left Louis' face only for a second but it wiped away all the trust he had in his current situation.

Why was everything so blurry?
Why was he on the ground?
Where was he on the ground?
What had happened?
Where did Harry go and Liam and Zayn?
Why did his windpipe hurt like a hurricane just went through it?
Why was he on the ground?
What had happened?

His fogged up mind couldn't come up with any useful answer and Niall started panicking.

Suddenly there was Louis' voice again. "Niall, focus on me. Steady breathing ok? In-out, in-out, in-out. You're ok now, nothing's gonna hurt you or us we're all fine."

"Yeah, yeah b-but wh-whe-" Stuttered Niall at which Louis came again, "No, don't talk. Just breath through it."

It seemed like an eternity had gone by when Niall's vision slowly had cleared up and his breathing became steady. The panick however, was still very much present and the moment Louis' guard lowered a bit Niall took his chance and sat up. The older lad, of course, didn't try to make him lay down again seeing as it wouldn't help any way.

Now Niall could see everything he noticed that they were in a small alley, it didn't answer any of the questions that raced through his mind but it was at least something. He also caught sight of Harry again who was sitting at the end of the alley while wearing some old jumper.

The thoughts in his mind were unstopable, questions mixed themselves with vague flashbacks. They went so fast it made the lad speechless. The flashbacks were for a big part random images and most of the questions didn't even make sense. He wanted to know the answers but couldn't even focus on what he wanted the answers of.

Niall shuffled a bit so his back was resting against the brick wall and tried to order his thoughts while staring at the dumpster in front of him.

Slowly it all came back. The waterfight in the store, how Louis and Liam were soaking wet when they eventually got kicked out and how he saw 'him'. The man he didn't want to see ever again, Niall jumped up. He needed to get out of here! What if the guy knows he's here? And again: Where were Liam and Zayn?

The last question came out of his mouth first. "Where are Zayn and Liam?"

Harry turned around and came walking slowly towards Niall as if he were a wild animal. "Do you promise not to freak out when I tell you?" Niall couldn't believe what he just heard, "What the fudge do you mean 'not to freak out!?' Tell me where they are Harrold because I swear if you don't come up with some good excuse about what's going on here I'll-"

He was shut up when Louis slapped his hand for his mouth. "Don't scream you idiot! Do you want us getting mobbed or something? Now Harry, go on and do your explain-thingy but make sure to hurry up ok?"

Louis slipped his hands from Niall's mouth and went back to what seemed to become his 'corner'. Niall, surprisingly kept silent and looked at Harry waiting for the lad to speak.

"Well, uhm, so you panicked and fainted right?" Niall nodded impatiently. He didn't want to think about the reason why too much. "So, uhm, we. No, Liam, spotted the guy across the street. You know, the guy that-"

"Yeah, yeah, we get it. Go on!" Niall nudged Harry's shoulder, silently praying it would help to get his friend to talk faster. "Yeah, right. So Liam, you know how Liam is. He ran after the guy. Louis wanted to go too, but that would defenitely have escalated you know? So I managed to stop him, just to be clear I'm talking about Louis now. I stopped Louis. And Zayn ran after Liam to keep him kind of in check."

"That's it?" Niall asked surprised. "Why was I expecting much worse?"

"That's because it is much worse then y'all crackheads think!" Louis jumped up from his corner, "what do you think I'd like to do to that bitch? You just forced me to stay here and I'm NOT OK with it! Honestly I'd rather just go and-"

"LOUIS!" Harry warned the lad, "you're getting worked up again!"

It looked like Louis went to give in and fall down in his corner again but suddenly he turned around and sprinted out of the alley.

"GODDAMNIT! LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON, COME BACK!" Harry tried again, but he already knew it wasn't gonna help anyway.

The curly haired lad looked up at Niall defeated. "Well, I guess it's just you and me now."

"Yeah, no way babe." Niall was quick to say.

"What? Why not?" Harry whined. On which Niall wanted to headbutt himself against the wall before remembering his head hurt already.

"You just screamed Louis William Tomlinson so loud the whole city could probably hear it?" The Irish lad hinted at the brunette.

"Oh, oops ... Well, can you stand? We'll go and join the others then." Niall tried to go and stand up using the wall as support but Harry was quick to his aid. "Here jump on," he said while squatting in front of the smaller man, "we're probably gonna get noticed anyway by now, could as well make something fun out of it right?"

Honestly Niall didn't think he had ever appreciated Harry as much as in that very moment. At least Harry tried to keep the atmosphere lighthearted, and he'd have succeeded too hadn't it been for these bizarre circumstances.

Chuckling, Niall hobbled on his friends back and clenched his arms stiffly as possible, without choking Harry, around the lad's neck and shoulders.

"Ok, here we go." The younger man said and ran as fast as he could out of the alley into the open street.

Ok so I'm thinking of letting this book end here tbh. Like, I'll do an epilogue as final after this chapter and then it's finished. Please lemme know what y'all think of this story as it's my first and I tend to be very insecure.



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