Chapter 22

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Zayn woke up when he felt Niall shift out of the tangled trio.

Not knowing how Niall would react to him being present he just stayed quiet with his eyes shut.

The lad must have probably just needed to use the bathroom, and since Zayn was only there for a few hours unlike the others who had been there for a few days already he didn't want to cause unnecessary drama.

Zayn heard Niall climb the stairs and come back after a few minutes, the dark haired man always had a strong emotional sense and now he could clearly feel a wave of panic washing over him. He stayed still though and didn't move an inch.

But the moment he heard Niall starting to run there was a switch in his mind.

They hadn't spoken in a long time and Zayn was not sure how Niall would react but his brother needed help, Louis was fast asleep and looked dead tired so waking him up would just be cruel.

Besides that, god knows where the other two are so Zayn saw no other option than try to help the lad himself.

He carefully stood up and strode towards the door.

Slowely opening it not knowing what to expect now the only thing he could hear was mumbling, Zayn looked back at Louis. Shouldn't he wake him up?

Louis was always really sensible when it came to Niall always exactly knowing what to do. But no, he just looked so peacefull.

Zayn now followed the sound of the mumbling. Turning around the corner that seaperated the dining- from the livingroom, he was met with a sight really no one wanted to see.

Niall was standing, pulling at his hair. Zayn knew he was pulling hard seen the fact that his knuckels were turning white.

His head was down but the veins in his now dark red neck clearly stuck out, it took some effort seen the thick accent but Zayn managed to understand some of the words he was saying.

"Shit-....Shouldn't-..Let down-....... Never-............Hazz-......Friend-...Need to-..... Up.."

Zayn didn't bother to listen anymore knowing that it wouldn't help and made his way over to Niall.

Suddenly Niall started to scream uncontrollably and not even thinking about the fact that he could be the cause Zayn sprinted in front of the younger lad and lifted his head forcing the man to look him in the eyes.

Niall's eyes were lifeless, widened in pure horror and looked just completely lost.

"Please Ni, don't do this to yourself. Stop screaming Ni- Please just stop. You're hurting yourself please."

While continiouing to beg Zayn locked his hands around Niall's trying to make him let go of his hair.

After what felt like ages but really just were seconds Niall's screaming went over in sobbing, he fell to his knees and hugged a pillow that had fallen to the ground when he was 'searching'.

Zayn didn't think for one moment when he let himself fall next to Niall and wrapped him in a protective hug.

Niall tensed at first en tried to wriggle away but soon realized that Zayn wasn't a threat so relaxed and burried his face in the crook of Zayn's neck enjoying the smell of a familiar aftershave.

They stayed like that for a while before a confused, somewhat worried, maybe a little bit teary voice spoke up.

"What the hell is going on!?"



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