Chapter 31

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Louis sat still for a while reading the letter before handing it over to Harry.

Harry had to let loose of Zayn's hand while the latter kept holding on to the younger male's wrist.

Liam had paused the tape and waited for them to finish.

When they did. Harry put the letter on the messy coffee table and kept silent.

Liam unpaused and they watched 'till Niall couldn't hold it anymore. He had to get out of here! He thought that he was ready for it but started to doubt his decision strongly.

"I-I'm just gonna grab a glass of water." And with that he left into the kitchen.

Knowing that they had to let Niall be the other four stayed where they were and watched the tape in a tense silence.

They saw the guy's face expression changing drastically from pained to mad to.... Lust? Was that it?

A switch switched in Louis' head "OH MY.." He exclaimed.

Suddenly everything came together. The shame, the nightmares, the letter and Niall. It just fit perfectly.

Liam's head snapped up towards Louis. "What? What do you mean?"

"I-I think I know what happened."

Before any of them could continue the conversation, Harry sushed them not-so-gently.

They looked back to the screen just in time to see the guy pull Niall towards the back door.

Niall tried to struggle agains the mans hold and when they looked closer they could see a knife in the man's left hand. How did nobody notice this happen?

Louis couldn't watch it anymore. He knew, he knew what was gonna happen.

They had switched the tape towards the cams outside so they could follow what was happening there but to Louis it didn't matter anymore.

He knew.

"I-I'm gonna check on Niall." And with that he sprinted towards the kitchen.

He couldn't hold his tears anymore when he saw Niall sitting on the ground with his back against the cupboards.

The lad had his knees up to his chest and his fists rubbed his eyes that were leaking great amounds of tears.

"Oh, Ni." Was all he could bring out and rushed next to the lad wrapping him in a hug.

"I'm sorry, I should have noticed I'm so sorry."



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