Chapter 34

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Louis didn't know he had fallen asleep until he was woken up again. Sluggishly he opened his eyes and couldn't stop himself from smiling about what he was seeing.

Niall was struggeling to untangle himself from the octopusgrip Louis seemed to have on him. The older lad was on the floor with his back against the kitchencounter while Niall was stationed between his legs.

The Irishman most likely had rested his head in the crook of Louis neck seen the fact that that's where he felt colder than in the rest of his body. Louis' arms were wrapped around the younger one's torso and it seemed like Niall was trying to pry the arms away.

But that wasn't necessarely what amused him.

It was the long, skinny leg that was visible from behind the counter and that indicated the fact that at least one of the lads had snuck into the kitchen and had hid himself away not wanting to be seen. Well, the guy had failed misserabely.

Louis' attention flung back to Niall when the lad had succeeded in freeing himself and was on his way towards the door.

The moment that the oldest opened his mouth and mumbled: "Watcha doing?" Niall froze like a deer in the headlights almost making Louis regret his actions.

"I uhm, I was... just... just going to the toilet. Hmhm, yeah that's what I was going to do."

If it had been under better circumstances Louis would have laughed out loud and mocked the poor lad but now..

The lad that usually always had a plan just didn't know what to do. And to be honest? That fact scared him more than any other thing that had happened over the past few weeks.

The awkward silence dragged on for who knows how long until finally the kitchen door swayed open revealing a sleepy Liam rubbing his eyes.

The lad didn't seem to notice anyone in the kitchen, not even Harry who was still asleep under the sink from where the puppy eyed lad poured some water in a glass. Maybe he did, but they would never know because he walked out just as soon as he came.

Niall followed him quickly leaving Louis on the floor.

Louis stayed there for a while before deciding to do something usefull and woke Harry up to make breakfast.

Harry said he wanted to make something that everyone would be happy with but Louis knew that the only thing on the youngest's mind was his best bud. They ended up making breakfast chilaquiles with, ofcourse, extra cheese.

They decided that it was best to eat it on the couch, meaning, on the ground while the bowl was on the coffee table.

While Louis would clean up the kitchen, Harry took it up on himself to search for the other three.

Knowing that Liam would be outside because that's been his morningroutine the whole time they have stayed at Niall's he decided to visit him first.

After making Liam 'mad' because he had to wait until everyone was there to get to know what they were going to eat, Harry made his way upstairs knowing that's where Zayn would most likely be.

Closing his eyes he followed the sound of laughter until he was stood behind the closed door of Niall's bedroom.

Not even thinking about knocking he opened the door only to be startled by a cushion that was slammed right into his face.

After blinking a few times a devilish grin appeared on his face, "ohh, you're both gonna get it now!"

He jumped onto the bed where he slammed the pillow into Niall who was currently on top of Zayn restraining him.

Well, he was trying to because Zayn's hands constantly found their way back to the younger one's torso tickling him like they were 8 year olds instead of triple that age.

When they were out of breath they fell down onto the bed panting like crazy. It was only now that Harry reminded himself why he was there.

"Ehh guys? Breakfast is ready."



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