Chapter 2

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At Harry's place, Louis, Liam and Harry himself, became worried about their friend.

"He knows we would meet at eight o'clock, he's already 45 minutes late!"  frowned Liam.

He was located on the edge of the couch bent over his phone and had been trying to reach the Irishman for ages now.

Louis rolled his eyes at the younger man. And tried to keep the mood at least a little positive. "Duhh he's not picking up, he's probably driving remember?"

Liam just glared at the older lad before turning his full attention back to the small screen in his hands.

Louis didn't give up though and continued talking. "Come on guys, he probably ran into a bunch of fans. We all know that he always makes time for them."

"Louis, that doesn't take an hour." Harry mumbled.

"Yeah," Liam added, "above all Niall absolutely hates it to run late and when he is he always gives us a heads up. This is not ok."

But Louis being just as stubborn as he always has been, simply refused to admit the younger lad was right, kept coming up with alternatives that gradually became more and more unlikely to happen



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