Chapter 29

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Niall opened the door of his livingroom, took a deep breath and walked towards the couch.

This was gonna be hard.

Carefully he sat down and looked at the pictures in his hand.

He closed his eyes, took a second deep breath and opened his mouth. "I'm not telling you everything right now, only showing you the pictures. I want to wait for Lou and Hazz."

Liam opened his mouth to say something but Niall cut him off. "I know what they're doing right now. I'm not stupid. I called them and told them to take the video to us instead of watching it. We're going to watch it here."


Louis was about to, slightly violent, slam the tape of the 16th inside the bandrecorder when his phone went of.

Seen the fact that he was anxious to watch the recordings he denied the call without even looking at the ID.

It was only because of Harry's phone ringing that he stopped and turned around. Harry did take the call and had grabbed Louis shoulder.

Harry was white, what was pretty normal for someone who was about to watch something he knew he probably didn't want to see, but something inside Louis told him it was because of the call.

'Who is it?' Louis mouthed towards the younger man.

Harry didn't respond but only kept humming and agreeing with the person on the other side of the line.

He hung up with a quick goodbye and stood still for a minute. "We're taking the tape towards Niall's place."

It was commanding, something Louis didn't like, but seen the fact this is about Niall, it only seemed fair to him so he picked the tape out of the recorder, put it back in the box and with the box in his hand, walked after Harry towards the exit.

Straight past the manager without giving him a second glance and they drove away in an comfortable but tense silence both knowing that this was bloody serious.



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