chapter 6

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Niall heard voices from far away. Was the man back? Is he going to kill him? Finishing his job? He felt panick rising inside his chest and tried to stay calm while he pried his eyes open.

The first thing he saw was that he was inside. How did he end up here? It's not that he remembered coming further than half of the garden.

"Hey Ni," the voice sounded awfully familiar but still he couldn't place it. "How are you feeling?"

Niall still didn't recognise the voice and tried to sit up in order to see the person. He was halfway when he heard footsteps rushing his way and felt someone soflty push him back down again.

Niall looked up and a wave of relief washed over him when he saw Liam. "Li?"

Liam's face was scrunched up in concern when he asked calmly:

"Can you tell me if anything hurts?"

Only now Niall realised what his body felt like. It was like his arms and legs had been scratched open, someone had played drums on his face, used his back as a punching bag and he didn't even want to get started on his ribs. To top all of that off he also felt a headache coming up.


He winced when he heard his own raspy voice, as if on cue Louis appeared next to him with a glass of water, they helped him sit up while Harry moved behind him to serve as backrest. Niall wondered where the latter came from but question it any further. He was glad the younger man was there.

Carefully Niall sipped from the water, it tasted like heaven as the cold soothed his sore and dry throat, but his arms felt so heavy that it was hard to hold the glass and it was slowly slipping away.

Thankfully Harry noticed his struggle and wrapped his left hand over Niall's so the glass wouldn't fall.

"Here," Liam handed his some medicine and with a little struggle Niall swallowed them down.

Louis voice now appeared next to him and said:

"You should go back to sleep now Ni, you look exhausted."

"Mmhmm," Niall hummed and relaxed against Harry's chest.

But before sleep fully took over his system he suddenly remembered something and opened his mouth again to talk.

"Guys, I'm single right?"



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