Chapter 24

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The moment Liam stepped inside he saw a broken vase on the ground.

"What the hell is going on?"

He didn't say it loud but appearently loud enough for someone to hear seen the fact that there came a response.

"Could you help me for a minute please?"

It sounded like Zayn and Liam's thoughts were confirmed when he saw his friend sitting on the floor with a limp Niall in his arms.

"Is he, did he... you know. Faint?" Stammered Liam.

This made Zayn smile slightly. "No, he's just asleep I think. Can you help me lay him on the couch? In that way I can wait for him to wake up."

Liam did what he was asked and left after that to clean the floor from the shards that had been the vase he walked over.

He walked past the hallway and saw Louis sprawled out on the floor, his right arm was under his head, the blanket that was apparently supposed to be covering his entire body was wrapped inbetween his legs. On top of that, his shirt was slightly shoven up exposing his bellybutton.

Liam thought a moment about waking the lad up sparing him from backpain but he looked just so cute.

Above all of that the man must be exhausted. So all Liam did was stare for a moment before quickly moving on in search for a broom.

Meanwhile Zayn was brainstorming about how he should open Niall up.

A few ideas popped up but didn't seem perfect.

Zayn turned the television on for some distraction because looking at Niall who was fast asleep with his head on your lap was adorable for a moment but it became creepy after some time.

On top of that Niall wouldn't appreciate it and it wouldn't help him in any way possible.

After thinking intensively for at least half an hour Zayn was desperate and decided to just look on the internet for answers.

He came to the conclusion that everything he read he already has thought of.

Maybe he should just follow his heart, after all that's what Zayn always had learned from his mom.



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