Jotaro Kujo : Lovesong for a Dead Man

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Xturland wanted some good good smut, I hope you enjoy it!

I only called it this because I was listening to that one song from CoD as you do haha

Having the entirety of the Crusaders AND their families round for Christmas dinner was proving to be hard work. Jotaro was being Polly the Cook with the turkey, whilst Star Platinum helped you with the decorations. Jolyne was with her great grandparents, out of the way so you and your husband could prepare a feast and a view. Entering the living room, Kujo noticed you had transformed it into a showroom style space. The tree was up and covered in sparkles, baubles dangling off each branch making Star over-excited, draping strings of tinsel all over himself in an ecstatic stupor. The way you balanced with a gymnast's poise on that step ladder though, was making Jotaro a little tight in the front.

"Turkey's done," he strode over, raking a large hand through his hair. God, that short, ruby cocktail dress adorned with butterflies, the one your daughter picked to wear at her birthday party. It wrapped around the smallest part of your waist perfectly, just low enough so he could see the expanse of your neck beneath your hair. "You look... Beautiful," he muttered. He barely got through the three syllables before you interrupted him.
"What was that? I can't hear you so well from up here." Bending over, he got a massive eyeful up your skirt as you attempted to put the star atop the tree. The hulking man cleared his throat, adjusting his trousers whilst you had your back turned.
"Umm, I was just saying the turkey was done." He was so captivated by your panties riding up your ass slightly, Star Platinum struggled to keep you safe, due to his User's concentration waning in such close contact.
"It's all... Done!" Shifting back into focus, Splat was grabbed and pulled into a big kiss on the cheek, the sensation delicately prickling Jotaro's face. Turning around, your man looked so handsome, onyx curls dangling on his forehead, shirt fitting his frame perfectly.
"Hey, how come my Stand gets a kiss and not me? I did all the food." Feigning shock, he stood with his arms folded, insincerely glaring at you. Anybody else would have thought he was being serious.
"Oh, come on!" His eyes glazed over with the dark, sensual look when he wanted something; something more than just a kiss. "You aren't jealous, are you?" Jotaro pounced, strong arms enveloping your waist and dragging you from the ladder. A squeal dragged out, his face sliding through from the crook of your neck, low voice barely a whisper near your ear lobe. You found yourself in a sort of fireman's lift, hung across the back of his neck like a scarf. The squeals he was getting out of you already were driving him almost wild. Jotaro hated screaming women, but in this situation, it was a massive turn on. He had to take you. Now.
Placing you down, you let him fiddle with the hem of your dress, gently walking you back towards the arm of the sofa, which you had just straightened up and washed the covers for. Touching the arm of the chair, his lips just about skimmed yours, gaze never leaving your eyes. Hands tilted your hips, hoisting you over onto the cushions. Another squeak filled the room as calloused fingers travelled up the expanse of your bare thigh, Jotaro's wide body pressed right against you, lapping up your bottom lip with his tongue and teeth as he kissed you deeply. His wandering hands were starting to try and slide under the tight-fitting garment. "Jotaro, not the dress!"
Grumbling, he instead searched for a zip or buttons, a slight grin stretching on your lips. "I'll take it off." It had meant to come out sexy but came out as more of a desperate hiss. "But you need to sit on the sofa first."

Grumpy due to having his limits tested, he complied, watching intently as you stretched your arms above your head, approaching him with the dress still on. Weight pushed on his thigh as you sat down, holding what hair you had above your head to give him access to the buttons.
"Undo them slowly, I don't want them to break."
"You're such a bitch when you make me wait like this."
His long fingers traced the back of your neck, undoing the first button. Gradually, he paired stroking your skin with ridding your dress of those horrendous fixtures. Unbuttoning the last one, you leapt up from his lap as he was about to tug it off your shoulders, much to his irritation. You were being too slow, too teasing, his boner honestly felt like it was going to burst out of his trousers. Jotaro couldn't see, but you were biting your lip with a simper on your face, dropping your dress into a puddle on the floor, leisurely stepping out of it. He was in some serious discomfort right now, desperate for your touch, for your walls around his dick.
You were just about to continue your nympho act, when his chest was all you could see over your shoulder. He'd gotten up off the sofa to take matters back into his own hands! Shrugging off his shirt, you were pulled into his grip, felt all over. Teeth nipped at your neck, unclasping your bra roughly.

Flipped over onto your stomach, your breasts pushed into the front of the couch, the man's hands winched your leg over his thigh. Jotaro had dropped onto to one knee, the other wedging you against the seat. His breath was heavy and ragged already, fumbling hands trying to position you how he wanted. Protesting about your tantric side, your jaw was clenched in between his fingers and thumb, a finger dipping inside the warm wetness of your mouth whilst the other worked his belt buckle and pants.
"Spit," he commanded. You bit his finger, hard enough to make a mark. "In your own hands!"
A quickie would be nice, you supposed, so you complied. The quicker you got him off, the easier it would be to sort out before your family and friends returned. Soaking your hands in saliva, he wound them around his stiff member, which pushing against your panties, wet already.
Sighing, he was already turning you on too, with the weighty breaths, blood rushing downstairs. "Fuck..." he murmured, sliding his erect cock along your clothed folds, mouth glued to the crook of your neck and shoulders, peppering them in kisses. "You're rather nice when you do as you're told." Before you could retort, he moved the annoying knickers to the side, plunging into your entrance, the stinging sensation subsided after a few seconds, when you had adjusted to his filling length. Moaning his name, he mumbled something about you being tight and wet already despite him not even touching you. Not that you cared, the way he was starting to hit from the back was amazing. Within about a minute, you were whining loudly, telling him how big he was, how handsome he was, how much you wanted and needed more.
Jotaro wasn't much of a talker during sex, so your desperate voice filling the space was good enough for him. Instead, he enjoyed showing his affections physically, slapping your thigh seven shades of red and pinching your skin between his fingers. Occasionally, there was a bite too, littering your body in territorial marks.
Nails digging into the plush fabric, your back arched as you reached your peak. Pleas to cum carefully weren't going unnoticed, the wavering voice turning him on even more. It was useless of course though, your own wet slick drooling down your legs.
Your dress might have been safe, but people you loved had to sit on this sofa! As his own grunts heightened in pitch, you knew he was almost ready too, gripping hard on your thigh, face pink with exertion. "I-I'm gonna cum... Fuuuuck..." A firm grip on the back of his head, you felt him expelling his fluids with a final groan, pushed tight against the sofa, held completely still so none of his seed would leak out. Despite further instruction, you continued to grind into him desperately, trapped between his pelvis and the piece of furniture. "Stayssstill woman, for fuck sake!" Spanking your ass hard, you yelped in surprise. Why he thought that would keep you still was beyond you, but Jotaro slurring was so hot, you could care less. Giggling in a dirty filth, you wriggled more than before.
"Slap me harder, you're hot when you're irritated."
Clapping your cheek, it was probably bruised, the pain different to before. Pulling out with a weakened breath, you were forced down further into the cushions by the palm of his hand, sweaty from the previous exchange. Flesh from your ass bounced in between his fingers, squeezing and flushed as he squished it, diving in to lick your pussy from the back and finish you off. Long licks with the flat of his tongue were building up sexual pressure so quickly, your legs were beginning to quake with excitement. He wasn't letting up any time soon, determined to milk you of your final juices, too. Just as you were getting ready, he drew back, opting to finish you off with his fingers. The pace was never slow, you were being viciously fingerfucked from behind, burying your face into the sofa to muffle the pained noises. Grinding on his hand, kisses and licks pressed up your back, encouraging you to ride it out as long as possible. Shaking in your breaths, moans and whines pent up again, mumbles of 'don't stop' spurring him on to fuck you harder with his digits. With little to no warning, you squeezed, flushing a splash of creamy cum all over his fingers.

"And for making me wait," he spoke, firmly as he slid out. "You're washing the dishes." You scoffed, rolling your eyes at his stupid idea whilst trying to stand up straight.
"Whatever, asshole."
"Give me cheek and I'll make you do it naked."

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