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* You asked what rules were in place. *

Dien: Well, for one. You're not allowed to mass kill everyone. No king or person can do that.

Dien: Another rule is that you can't post things if they are copyright or something...

Dien: Another rule is that you can not lie and spread fake news.

Dien: The last rule, is that you can not use magic/weapons against commander's or soldier's unless you have a very valid reason. Aka, if they abuse you.

Admin: Isn't that what the soldiers are doing?

Dien: The king is in charge of if the soldier's get fined or punishment...

Admin: Oh...

Dien: WAIT! I remember now! There was another commander, who has a bit less command. I think THEIR name was Riley.

Admin: Riley?

Dien: Apparently a close friend of Dream.

Admin: Ok...

Dien: Any other questions?

- "What was your life like in the past?"

- "Do you just run away and evade guards?"

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