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* You punched the wall, it cracked a bit...that's when the entire room started to twist and turn until you were now suddenly inside the room again. The thing was in front of you again. *

???: Going somewhere?

* You tried teleporting, but of course since this is some OP god you couldn't, you basically were magicless. *

Dream: Who are you?! What do you want?

???: I shall now give my name away. As for what I want, is to liberate you all from your pain.

Hatred: Well you're doing a really bad job of it. 

???: If I am to save you, I will have to kill them

* They pointed to you... *

Dream: Uhm. NO! We're not letting you kill them!

???: Don't you see how much they ruined your life? They are the reason you keep going through this. 

???: The person behind that mask keep's coming back to ask for more, more, more, and MORE!

Hatred: What are you talking about?

???: All those 4th wall jokes, are real. There is another person behind that mask the person wears. They are not who they say they are.

Admin: We like them! They are our friend!\

???: Liar. They're only here for the drama. They would have left you in the dust months ago if you weren't interesting.

???: Millions of them exist in this universe. They hide behind mask's and then cover it up with fake names, fake characteristics. They've been lying to you who they have been this whole time.

Dream: You're the crazy one here!

???: I'm merely just telling you the truth. If you will not leave me to kill them off, I'll just force them dead myself.

???: I will kill you all if it means killing them. They're putting everyone at risk being here.


* ??? pulled out his blue keyboard, he quickly typed in some letters. You say him write this down: :Time_0 *

* ...Everything stopped. Dream, Admin, Auto Message, Hatred they'd all stopped. You had stopped as well, but you could move your eyes. *

???: You're a liar. I can see right through your digital mask. You just lie and lie about who you really are.

???: Tell me, why are you being friends with someone who is over on another planet? Another universe? You hurt them more than you helped, this entire universe too. Why can't you just let it all end? So that these poor innocent souls can continue their lives. Hm?

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