The Storm is Coming...

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* You slashed at the tentacles, which landed onto the ground. Hatred shrieked, and jumped onto you, launching you right into the car window...breaking it. *

Brandon: AHHHHHHH!

Dream: OH SNAP!

* Dream opened the passenger door, and ran out, with Brandon following. Auto Message tried to escape but Hatred gripped onto her, pulling her closer towards him. *

Auto Message: AHHHHHHH!

* You took out your knife, stabbing it into his chest. Hatred shrieked again, as he let go of Auto Message and pushed you off. *

* Auto Message slammed the passenger door shut, running away from the car. You grabbed Hatred, opened your side, and threw Hatred onto the ground. You got onto him, taking the knife and stabbing it at every tentacle, and stabbing it everywhere around him. *


* Hatred's goo slowly started to come off...everyone was screaming and panicking and yelling and car's were driving away. You continued to stab until finally, Hatred stopped resisting and stayed still. All the goo had come off of him. *

Hatred: ...

* You were frozen, and dropped the knife. You looked at Hatred and shook your head. You got up and looked at Hatred. It looked like the goo had taken all the hits, he seemed to be just fine. You tried getting a pulse, and you got one. It was slow, but you got one. *

* You sighed, and picked him up, setting him in the car. The group was hidden behind a bush. *

Auto Message: I'm...I'm confused.

* You got into the car, and pulled out a phone...and called 911 *

---A few hours later---

* You were in a ambulance, being checked for wounds, you weren't hurt and you weren't going to the hospital, they were just checking you. *

Doctor: We need to take you to the hospital, your eye can't be replicated.

* You told him you could get it back, it wasn't going to be severe. You've dealt with it before and you could heal it. *

Doctor: Well, if you got healing powers then alright. But rest your eyes, and please. Don't go on any more dangerous adventures until your eye is fully healed. Got it?

* You nodded. *

Doctor: Good. None of your friend's seem to have any injuries so I think you guys are alright. 

* You got up, and jumped out the ambulance. It wasn't just police car's there, scientist's were investigating the goo. From what they said, they told you they'd take it to a lab and run some tests. You were ok with whatever they did, as long as it didn't get out. *

* They had already left for the lab, you decided to check up on your friends instead. *

Dream: I-I don't remember's like my brain got wiped clean from all that bad stuff that happened.

Auto Message: Were there really tentacles with teeth inside of us?

Dream: That what (Y/N) sa- Oh hey! (Y/N)!

* You wave at them. *

Hatred: I feel beat...can I just go inside.

Auto Message: They told us the house is in no shape to live in. They told us that we'd have to go somewhere until someone fixed it...

Dream: I don't want to go to a Hotel. ;c

Auto Message: Admin is already booking one. Plus, it's better than living on the street's.

Dream: I guess...

Auto Message: Hey (Y/N)

* You looked at her. *

Auto Message: You said that the scientist's were coming to get samples, correct?

* You nodded. *

Auto Message: Did they already leave?

* You said yes. *

Auto Message: Drat...

* You asked if something was wrong. *

Auto Message:'s just that I wanted to ask them if they might need any help. I would love to work on something to get reduce the stress. It's killing me...

Dream: Anywhere we go it's always some sort of horrible thing. So you know what? We are just going to stay inside of the house. That way nothing bad happens.

Hatred: Agreed. 

Auto Message: I'm going to go ask them if they need any help. They'll need all the help they can get.

* You saw Admin coming back to the group. *

Admin: I booked us a hotel nearby. We should be good until our house is fixed. Which, from when I checked, I think is actually tomorrow

Dream: How much?

Admin: 5,000 dollars...

Dream: Sh*t. Do we have enough money?

Admin: Just barely...we're going to need to save up. We can't buy anything major, go on any trips.

Dream: That's perfect! We were talking about how we aren't going anywhere anymore. Too risky.

Admin: I'm down for that, all the way. 

Hatred: Come on, how long is the walking distance anyway?

Admin: 30 minute walk...around there.

Hatred: Come on, let's get time to waste

* You all got up, and started heading towards the hotel. You looked back at the scene, at the officers, at the got this weird chill. Something to you just screamed: *

* There was a storm coming...and it's coming in fast. *

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