Fighting amongst ourselves

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* You admitted werea fake person. But you also brought up the point that it wasn't you who was the enemy. *

???: But you still lied, to them all.

* You grew angrier...Dream turned to ???, aimed his hand at him, and shot. A huge blast of power was aimed at ???, but he managed to easily avoid it. *

???: You are such a fool, to think that you could every kill me. Even touch me. I can manipulate everything about you.

Admin: Then why don't you do it?

???: Because then there'd be no fun, there'd be no challenge. Even if you think you're strong, you're still just a fraction of the power I have.

???: Here, let me show you.

* You had it, and were fed up. You ran at ???, punching him right in the gut with what was supposed to be a hard attack...but it only came out as a 0. When you looked up at him, above the blue keyboard read: :NeartChar_powerlvl_0 *

???: Imbobile, as long as I have control over this keyboard you are useless against me. And even then I would still have more powers then you could EVER have.

???: But you know what, I like a good fight. I like giving the opossing side a chance to fight.

* He typed something on his keyboard, on the top it read: :Cube_off :NeartChar_powerlvl_nm *

* The cube retracted and all of a sudden you were now in the normal room. And you had power again as well... *

???: Go on, I need the info anyhow. I'll see you in a few days. Ta-Ta!

* He dissapeared. You were left shaken. *

Dream: Wait, you're telling me that you've lied to us about who you have been, (Y/N)? You're another person?

* You nodded. *

Admin: Does it matter? The issue here is that there is a mad man who is going to come after us!

Dream: Pardon? No, the issue here at the current moment is THIS.

Auto Message: Guys, come on. They've lied to us about who they've been, sure. But you can't just push them out, they haven't hurt us.

Dream: What else are they lying about? Hm?

Hatred: We can't just ignore the fact that they lied, Auto. I'm not getting past the fact that they may be someone else!

Auto Message: They're right infront of us!

Dream: Who gives a sh**? I don't, and I bet they don't. They could have been honest about who they were but instead they played behind some dumb mask.

Admin: This is what he wants us to do! Fight amonst ourselves!

Dream: Who can we even trust at this point?

- * Change topic *

- * Argue against Dream *

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