Glitchy Glitchy

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* You gave soup to Hatred and Auto Message, everyone else got cake apart from you. At the current moment, everyone was ok. *

---The Next Day---


Inserting virus...

* :) *

* :) *

* :) *

* :) *

  * :) * 

* :) * 

* :) * 

* :) * 

* :) * 

* :) * 

* :) * 

* :) * 

* :) * 

Overload of system. Deleting virus...    

???: God damnit. The system must have added a anti-virus scanner after I hacked the system last am I gonna do this?

???: I got it!

???: There, the command is done. Let's see if it works.

Looking through command_0.exe

Command safe! Running command...

???: Yes!

???: Now time to insert the code...

Command Edited: Running Edited Command...

Opening RP_Place_1...

Opening World_ZoeBase...

Deleting World_ZoeBase_FF...

???: Time to get over there :)

* You felt felt like something heavy was removed. Everyone looked around. *

Dream: ? What's going on?

* You heard sounded like glitchy looked outside, and standing there was ???. *

???: Hello again!

Dream: Oh no...

???: You thought I didn't know where you were? Ha! I was just trying to finish up the code to get the forcefield down.

???: I must say, it was quite difficult to get it down. I did not expect for it to take 3 weeks! But then again, I still ended up getting it down! 

Auto Message: STAY AWAY FROM US!

???: I'm afraid I can not, until that abomination of (Y/N) is gone for good. 


???: That wasn't a request, Dream. Nor was it an order. I'm coming in there if you like it or not. 


???: Did you not just see what I did? I just took down an entire forcefield from this "story". I can do whatever I want!

Dream: We don't care if we die, as long as we protect (Y/N). Then that's all that matters!

???: Welp...then prepare to die!

* ??? teleported from outside, to inside the base. *

Dream: O_O

???: Hope you're ready! 

* You engaged in a battle with ??? *

* The whole area turned dark, and suddenly all four of you got transported into a battle arena style game-play thingy. *

Dream: ? Where the hell are we?

???: In a battle area. 

Dream: Why?

???: Because, it's fun like that!

Dream: ...Okay?

* Everyone kinda knew what to do, because they all played video-games before, meanwhile, you had no idea what this place was, what it was like, or even how to move. *

* Dream looked at his items, which had soup, and water. Then scrolled to Spare. *

???: Which won't happen.

* Dream clicked it anyway, nothing happened. *

Dream: Dang.

* Dream went to defend and clicked it. Dream now defended. *

* It was now Admin's turn. *

Admin: Sweet!

* Admin went to attack and clicked it. He dealt 0 damage to ???. *

Admin: Welp. That sucks.

* It was now Hatred's turn, he went to Act. And clicked a weird button that said "AFH)#U)!". He dealt 100 damage to ???. *

???: ?

???: What? 


Admin: H A H.

* ??? fled. *

* You were transported back to the base. ??? was in front of you. *

???: I might as well end you here and now then. Sad I couldn't have battled you in the arena.

Dream: ...Did you copy off of Deltarun-

???: No. I did not. 

Dream: Cause it seems like you did...

???: Deltarune is a universe in which I can also control. I just choose not to mess with it because it was created by the creator of all the universe's.

Dream: What?

???: It's to confusing for you to understand.

Dream: mean Toby Fox?

???: Yes.

Dream: The dude who created Undertale, and basically created us?

???: Yes.

Admin: WAIT WAIT WAIT WAIT. WAIT. You're telling me that Toby Fox is the creator of EVERY UNIVERSE, and as such has more power than you?

???: He's the godliest out of all the gods. You think you have gods, but those are just universe gods. Technically, Admin's are gods as well. We have millions of gods. I'm around the 10th person with the most power.

???: Temmie and Toby have the most power over everyone. As well as any person who worked on deltarune or Undertale. Anyone else is godly for the sake of the story and/or because the creator wanted to be in charge.

Hatred: Makes sense.

???: Glad it finally made sense. Now, let's go back to what we were doing...shall we?

Dream: Okay. Fine :/

What do you wish to do?

- Attack

- Spare

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