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* You walked downstairs, and reached the bottom. When you did you saw Hatred watching tv still, but this time...he was watching something truly terrifying. The most shocking thing you have ever seen...*

Kati Morton: They don't care if anyone else is in danger, as long as they aren't they're good.

Dramatic music cues

Shane Dawson: Oh god...

* You looked at Hatred and asked what he was doing watching Shane Dawson in the middle of the night. *

Hatred: It's an eight-part series

* You said so? *

Hatred: ...

* Hatred turned to you. *

Hatred: You do not understand. It is. AN EIGHT. PART. SERIES. This level of drama is off the charts!

* ...You said that it would be better if he just went upstairs. *

Hatred: Eight part series, (Y/N). Do you understand?

* You turned the tv off. *

Hatred: ...Fine, i'll go upstairs. 

* Hatred walked up the stairs all sad and gloomy, entering his room and closing the door. You walked up the stairs next, just barely holding on from the line of asleep and awake. You walked to your room and closed the door. *

* You jumped onto your bed, and as soon as you hit your head on the pillow you fell asleep. *

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