They're here

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* You decide to lure them to a specific location, you decided to head back to your house. Then sneak attack them. You drive all the way to the house, park in the driveway, and open the front door. *

* You find some knives, hide them, you find some other weapons you hid and kept them with you. You decided to plant a trap as well. You got some gasoline and poured it over your room, so you could burn them just in case they came up. *

* Now it was just time to wait *

---Late at night---

* You were waiting for them to come, because you knew they would. You were really groggy and you didn't know if you could keep this up. Were they even going to come? Was that possible? Would they really risk it to come here? Now that you thought about it, you did kinda judge a bit too quickly. *

* Until you hear snarling, and gurgling sounds knew they arrived as soon as you heard it. You needed to hide RIGHT NOW. *

- * Hide in your room *

- * Hide in the basement *

- * Hide in the guest bedroom *

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