The Base

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* You fought back a little bit, but then decided to change the topic, you told everyone that he was going to be back. We had to move. *

Auto Message: I agree.

Dream: Now they're forcing us to leave our home! Don't you see, it's their fault!

Admin: Oh my god, Dream could you just shut your mouth, for like a few minutes, please. The adults are talking here.

Dream: >:(

Admin: We need to find a place to go, and for all, we know he could be watching us. Who know's what he could be doing.

Auto Message: If we share an idea, we'll have to go right away. We need a place that had a barrier, protection in a sense. Is there any place where we could go that could be safe?

Hatred: Didn't we hang out at Zoey's base before?

Auto Message: Yes! Perfect! We'll go there!

Dream: I'm not going anywhere with them!

Admin: Then you die, we don't care.

Dream: I'm the reason you even exist!

Admin: EXC-QUEEZ-ME? I created this universe practically, I'm the reason you pay your rent, fool!

Dream: Without me what would the title be? Huh? Admin's Sh**post? What an unoriginal name!

Admin: God-damnit Dream! I really liked that idea!

Dream: Screw you too!

* When you looked at Auto Message and Hatred, they had already gone. You decided to sneak past the two arguing babies, and run with Auto Message and Hatred to Zoey's place. *

(( And for some reason Zoey's place isn't vacant, well too bad! ))

Dream: Wait...I think they left.

Admin: Oh...

* Admin started running after the group, Dream was hesitant but then decided to run with them. *

---Few hours later---

* The group reached the base, and because I'm too lazy to get consent from Zoey this is happening, they get inside. BOOM! *

Auto Message: I think we're safe, for now.

Dream: Huzza...but, um, I'm kinda getting a weird offset vibe from this place...

Admin: A lot of bad sh** took place here, no wonder.

Auto Message: Isn't it also Halloween?

Admin: I think so...

* There was an odd feeling that loomed over you. You thought it was best if you looked around, or checked with everyone. *

What do you wish to do?

- * Look around for anything important *

- * Check on everyone *

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