Dream and Hatred

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* You gave sandwiches to Dream and Hatred, some soup to Auto Message, some soup to Admin, and a granola bar to you. *

* Everyone finished their food. *

* You decided to hang out on your phone... *

---Time skip to a few hours later---

* It was now dark, Dream was awake, sweating up a storm. Auto Message was asleep, and so was Hatred. Admin, time time, was going to be cooking. He asked you what and who to give food to. *

* You had checked your rations. You could make 2 more sandwiches, you had 8 cans of soup, and you had 4 granola bars. *

* You told Admin too... *

---Do you wish to give everyone food---

- Yes

- No

---If not, who do you wish to give food too?---

- Auto Message

- Yourself

- Dream

- Admin

- Hatred

---What do you wish to give to each person?---

- Sandwich

- Soup

- Granola bar

(( If you don't give someone food for at least 3 days they will die. Same rules apply, if someone dies anytime during this story they will die for at least the rest of THIS story. If you die, the story ends. This means you pretty much MUST give yourself food. ))

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