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* You decided to save food, so you gave no one food or water. Everyone was slightly upset but then died down. They, however, did not forgive you for your staring. You now started to apparently do things that you didn't know you did. Like constantly scratching and coughing and vomiting. *

* You slept uncomfortably, but everyone else slept great. *

---The Next Day---

* It was the last day before the end of the week, you continued to act strange, and also began getting a weird rash. It was pretty much NECESSARY to craft a med-kit...before something happens. *

* It was now morning. *

---Who do you wish to feed?---

- Admin

- Dream

- Auto Message

- Hatred

- Yourself

---What do you wish to give?---

- Soup

- Water

- Sandwich

- Granola Bar

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