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* You wake up, you're in bed's late in the night and you remember absolutely nothing...did you get drunk on something? *

* You hear a conversation at the dinner table below. *

Auto Message: How do we get rid of them?

Cole: More specifically, how do we do it without Brandon knowing?

* Sounded like so weird but normal conversations about Brandon...until you heard them say something weird. *

Auto Message: Hatred is the least of our worries, if we don't get them out before morning the day after tomorrow, he's going to be very cross with us...

Cole: Why not just kick them out?

Auto Message: I don't want to seem cruel.

Cole: We are cruel. It doesn't matter how we do it. We just need to get them out...they're onto us.

Auto Message: ...Fine, I'll kick them out tomorrow. You talk with him so that 

Cole: Whatever, just get them out. I'll tell the master about your plan. And they better leave and not come back.

Auto Message: They're stubborn. It'll be really hard. Though, with some resourceful words, I think I can get them to leave without any confrontation.

Cole: Alright. 

Auto Message: Wait...

Cole: ?

Auto Message: Nevermind, I thought someone was spying on us.

Cole: ?! What the hell?! Go check it out! We can't have them know about this.

Auto Message: I'm going... I'm going.

* You lay back in bed, and pretend to sleep. Auto Message opens the door, checks on you a little then leaves and heads downstairs. *

Auto Message: They're asleep...

Cole: What about the other two?

Auto Message: Did you lose all your brain cells after coming back? Don't you remember what I promised to do!

Cole: Don't talk to me like that, I'm the second in command next to the master.

Auto Message: Shut up, what IF someone is spying on us?

Cole: I thought you said you checked-

Auto Message: It's an example!

Cole: Alright, I'm done for tonight. I'm heading upstairs to bed...

Auto Message: Fine, then I'll go to master.

Cole: Do whatever YOU want. I don't care.

* You hear creaking around the steps, past your room, and then towards the front room. You hear a door open, and close...then lights being turned off. *

* You run to the door, press your ear against it, and listen. What the hell was going on?! Master? Commander? And did Auto Message just say when Cole came back?! WHAT IS GOING ON?! *

* You hear sound fizzing sounds before you hear another door creak open downstairs...*

- Check it out

- Check on Hatred & Brandon

- Check on Cole

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