2nd Week: Done

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* You gave yourself, Auto Message, and Dream soup, and Admin and Hatred sandwiches. Nobody got water. You actually stopped vomiting, and stopped feeling sick all together...but you suddenly realized that you were feeling some sort of lust. *

* You kept touching Auto's shoulders, and you wouldn't leave her side for anything. If you didn't do anything soon, this could escalate further. *

* Also, Dream began yelling at you and saying that Admin was getting all the better foods than any of the rest of them. To your surprise, Auto Message and Hatred agreed and said that if you didn't even out the food fields, then they would revoke your rationing job. *

* They began to leave you in the dust now, they didn't seem to care for you. They excluded you for a lot of things and began just talking to everyone but yourself. And the clear reason why was because of both your sickness and rationing job. Also because they had little to no water. *

* Because no one seemed to talk to you, you began to also go insane. You began scratching the walls and making short scream's every so often, which didn't help with your relationships with everyone else. *

* For now though, your biggest food-related issue was water. You kept running out of it and also super quick. It would be handy if you had a filter so that you could use any liquid to just create new drinking water. *

* You slept depressed and angry, Dream slept uncomfortably, Auto Message slept extremely uncomfortably, Hatred slept moderately ok, and Admin slept great. *

---END WEEK---

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