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* You walked into the kitchen to see Auto Message just about to finish up their cooking. *

Dream: Oh, hoi there (Y/N).

Auto Message: I decided to make something straight from a Tasty video :3

Auto Message: Look at this!

* Auto Message took out some meals and placed them on the table. There was fish, some weird egg noddle thing, ramen noddles, and what looked to be four incredible tiny raindrop cakes. There was a rose like design on all of them. *

Auto Message: I should be finished in about a few more minutes. Could you get everyone downstairs please?

* You nodded, and headed off to the main living room. *

---With Admin---

* Admin struggled to get away from whatever was holding him down, it was as if he was paralyzed. He instead just gave up, and relaxed there. Letting himself get wrapped around by whatever thing it was. *

* It infact seemed to be blackish tentacles, that wrapped around his body. He recocgnized them immediately, and he already knew he was a goner. He felt a stingy sensation, then something crawling inside of him...*

* ...It felt odd this time. Almost as if it wasn't the same thing, even though he thought it was. This time it didn't feast on his insides, but instead he felt a rush to his brain. *

???: Hello, Admin.

Admin: I don't want to know any information on you, just tell me what you want.

???: To cut to the chase, I just want to use you for a minute. It shouldn't be bad for a bit. Maybe a month before I can fully come out of my shell to my real form.

Admin: If you're looking for more power go for Dream. He's the only reason I pay my rent.

???: You'll do. 

Admin: So then mister mysterious. What's the stop me from yelling out?

???: I'm in your brain you numb skull.

Admin: True. Probably means you can shut my mouth can't you?

???: Yup.

Admin: Glad you're not trying to seem intimidating.

???: What's the use at this point? Literally anything I do has been done before.

???: If I seem intimidating, it's just them. Because I don't try to be.

Admin: That's good at least. 

Admin: Soooo, you staying in my head for a month, eh?

???: Mhm.

Admin: So you're not going to inhabit someone else?

???: Nope.

Admin: Are you then ext-

???: I'm not the next SQUIP no. I don't control you, i'm not unoriginal.

???: I just shut your mouth when you spill to much, that's all. 

Admin: No screaming voice to kill someone else?

???: You do you until I get out. 

Admin: What if I die?

???: Then i'll inhabit someone else.

Admin: What if I spill the beans?

???: Won't happen.

Admin: What if I let you inhabit someone else?

???: Then i'll kill both of you. 

Admin: Wow, alright.

???: In any case, do what you want. Because from the sound of your voice you know how this works.

Admin: Happened to me twice, so yes.

???: Alright, you do you buddy.

Admin: :/

---With you---

- *Walk upstairs to let Admin know *

- * Tell Hatred to come first. *

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