Starving and Infestations

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* It was the start of a new week, Travis crafted a book and gave it to Auto. She read it, and almost instantly calmed down...however, she managed to get to such a severe state that she ended up ripping out and destroying a bit of the book. The book was destroyed. Auto Message's sanity is good. *


* You decided to send out Admin, he walked out really tired... *

---Later on---

* Admin had come back, he was badly hurt and had a major wound on his legs, and chest. He said that he tried to climb a tree, but fell and landed down on his leg and chest. He was extremely tired, and layed in his blanket and wouldn't come out. *

* Admin had brought back +4 soup. He also brought back +1 bottle of water. He brought back +13 resources as well. The last thing he bought was some sprinkles and 3 granola bars. *

* At this point in time, you started to notice that there was scratching sounds...when you looked in the corner, you saw three mice! Looking at the ceiling, you could see that there were tons of spider-webs in the corner, and a huge spider was in the far end where nobody was. *

* Everyone was now uncomfortable, if you wanted to live normally for right now, you'd have to get rid of them. *




RECIPE BOOK (( Food that appears here, is food that can be made with at least one of your items. If you wish to make it, you must force someone to make it. It cannot be you. Also, just because you have some resources, doesn't mean you can make it, you need all the resources.))

(( You already have a knife, oven, stove, grill, and spoon. ))

Cake- Materials needed: Knife, Pan, Oven  Food needed: Sprinkles, Cake mix, Frosting, Eggs, Milk.

Crafting Book (( In order to make something, you need to use resources in order to make it. You can also recycle goods. Any goods that can be recycled with pop up in the recycling menu, and it will say how many resources they give. ))

Soup- Resources: 10 What it helps with: Feeding What you get: 4 cans of soup

Book- Resources: 9 What it helps with: Entertainment/Sanity What you get: 2 books

Medical Utensils/Resources: 20 What it helps with: Health What you get: A batch of medical utensils

Water- Resources: 10 What it helps with: Thirst What you get: 2 bottles of water

Filter- Resources: 20 What it helps with: Thirst What you get: 1 filter

Med-Kit- Resources: 15. What it helps with: Health What you get: 1 med-kit

*NEW* Mouse-Traps- Resources: 13. What it helps with: Infestations What you get: 5 mouse traps  

* NEW * Spider-Spray- Resources: 12 What it helps with: Infestations What you get: 3 cans of spider-spray


Soup- Resources you get: 5


* It was time to feed everyone, you had 4 cans of soup, 3 granola bars. You had no water *


---Who do you wish to give food to?---

- Dream

- Admin

- Hatred

- Auto Message

- Yourself

---What do you wish to give?---

- Soup

- Granola Bar

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