An Eye for Some Tentacles

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* You slashed at Brandon, slicing a tentacle out. You then jumped onto Brandon, stabbing him continuously, to the point where every tentacle was destroyed and stabbed to death. Brandon closed his eyes for a minute...before coming back to reality. *

Brandon: Wait wha...?

* He was controlled for less time, so he was most likely the one to come back the fastest. *

* You felt another sharp pain from your neck, you got thrown right into the fridge, dropping your knife. A tentacle grabbed it and threw it away from you. You were now weaponless and alone in the kitchen. *

Hatred: I'LL F**** KILL YOU!

* Two tentacles's latched onto you, and then Hatred launched right up to you. A tentacle stabbed you right in the eyes, and you screamed in pain. Hatred smiled...but then stopped. And screamed. Looking behind him, Brandom stabbed the knife into the back of his head. *


* Hatred grabbed the knife out, and black blood came out. He backed up and started to that moment Auto Message came too. *

Auto Message: ? W-What the hell is going on?

Hatred: YOU MOTHER F*****. YOU F****** F****** S*** A** F*****

Auto Message: ?!

* Hatred fell to the ground, he screamed in pain, and black blood was now everywhere. You never heard anyone swear that much... *

* Brandon ran up to Hatred, with the knife, and stabbed him in the chest. *

Hatred: F************************K. OH S***.

* Hatred kicked Brandon off him. Hatred screamed again. *

Auto Message: OH GOD.

* Auto Message got up and ran away from Hatred. She ran towards the front door, opening it and running away. *


* You looked over to the black was moving. It started to collect on top of Hatred now...but you couldn't pay attention to the horrible pain from your eye. Your entire house's bottom floor was covered in gasoline, blood, tons of black liquid. You couldn't focus on anything. *

* The black goo started to surround Hatred. *

Hatred: F*** MY F****** HEAD. F*** F*** F*** F***. AGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

- * Run to Hatred to help him *

- * Grab Brandon and run *

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