Loosened Grip

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(Y/N): Knock knock, who's there?

* You opened the door, to reveal Brandon in the corner, with the black stuff everywhere else. *


(Y/N) They're in my body now, Brandon.

* Your eyes opened all the way down to your mouth, as the tentacles with teeth came out, moving slowly towards Brandon. Your mouth stretched to the sides to the point it felt like it was about to brake. Tentacles came out from there as well. *

Brandon: LET THEM GO!

(Y/N): I will only leave a hole in you, for my lovely babies to crawl inside of your body. 

* Brandon jumped onto the bed, that was also near the corner. *

Brandon: I've been planning for this. I will hurt you if you get anywhere near.

* You stepped forward. *

(Y/N): The bite doesn't hurt, it's just a tingly sensation. Holes in your skin for the tentacles to enter and invade every crevic-

* You felt a horrible pain in your stomach, looking through the eyes. Brandon had taken out a knife and slashed your stomach, the tentacles gave an immediate reaction, squirming inside the body to re-fill the gap. But now, Brandon was in the black stuff, and it was crawling up his legs. *

Brandon: ! Oh god, that's what controlling you...

Brandon: (Y/N), you need to run as soon as I free you!

(Y/N): ?!

* Brandon grabbed a tentacle, taking out the knife, and cutting it. All the tentacles began to screech in pain, and it moved even faster. He began cutting all the tentacles, the black stuff now covered his legs...but now you could move your top portion of your body, then your legs...then your head. *

Brandon: RUN, (Y/N)! NOW!

* You could finally move, the tentacles piled onto the floor, but then reformed...to reveal Dream. Without even thinking you ran to the door and opened it...running down the steps. *

Dream: Why you little sh*t. 

Brandon: OW! MY NECK

Dream: Go on children...


* You covered your ears, you looked at Auto Message...her eyes were black. Tentacles started coming out of her eyes. *

* You ran to the front door, opened it, and slammed it...just as Auto Message's tentacles were about to get you. You ran down the front steps and got into your car, which was in the driveway. *

Auto Message: COME BACK!

* You looked at the house. Auto Message was at the front door, Brandon was now on the roof, Dream was next to Auto Message, and Hatred was now near a window upstairs. You screamed and opened the car door. *

* You got in and closed it. All of a sudden, a huge batch of tentacles with teeth land right on top of your windshield. You screamed again, and turned the car key, and began driving back. It began consuming the entire car now. But you didn't care, you began driving away from the house, away from the neighborhood, and now you were on the road. *

* The tentacles started to fly off from the amount of win that was hitting the car, you easily could have been hitting 100 MPH, maybe more. Eventually, all the tentacles had dissipated from the car and were now on the road. *

* You were freaked out, and could barely think. All that you remembered truly were black, sticky, oozing tentacles with teeth. And now everyone in that house had been consumed by it... *

* You kept driving, and you didn't go to your house either because they knew where that was as well, so you ended up stopping at a motel. You layed in your seat, trying to process everything still. You think you vomited in your mouth probably twice. *

* But you knew your friends were consumed...you had to do something to save them. So you came up with two options. *

What do you do?

- Go back to the house to save them

- Lure them to a specific place and fight them

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