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* You gave no one water or soup, you also sent Auto Message out. Everyone got upset when you did this, they all left your side... *

---Few hours later---

* Auto Message came back smiling, she was so happy. What was she happy about? She had found a surplus of food and water in a small hut, and she had found some items. *

* OH MY GOD, YOU WERE RICH. Auto Message had brought back +10 cans of soup, +10 granola bars, +12 bottles of water. She also brought back cake mix, berries, lettuce, tomatoes, eggs, ham, bread, and she also brought back some medical utensils. *

* You were so proud of Auto Message, she said it wasn't easy though. While going there, she noticed people walking close to her, she ended up running and they had GUNS! She got severe a gunshot wound in her arm. *

* She, however, brought back no resources. *





RECIPE BOOK (( Food that appears here, is food that can be made with at least one of your items. If you wish to make it, you must force someone to make it. It cannot be you. Also, just because you have some resources, doesn't mean you can make it, you need all the resources.))

(( You already have a knife, oven, stove, grill, and spoon. ))

*Cake- Materials needed: Knife, Pan, Oven Food needed: Sprinkles, Cake mix, Eggs, Milk/Water.

*Sandwiches- Materials needed: Knife Food needed: Lettuce, Bread, Tomatoes, Ham

Berry Pie- Materials needed: Knife, Pan, Oven Food needed: Berries, Pie crust, Pie dough ( Or whatever it's called ) 

Eggs and Bacon- Materials needed: Pan, Stove, Oil  Food needed: Eggs, Bacon

Crafting Book (( In order to make something, you need to use resources in order to make it. You can also recycle goods. Any goods that can be recycled with pop up in the recycling menu, and it will say how many resources they give. ))

Soup- Resources: 10 What it helps with: Feeding What you get: 4 cans of soup

Book- Resources: 9 What it helps with: Entertainment/Sanity What you get: 2 books

Medical Utensils/Resources: 20 What it helps with: Health What you get: A batch of medical utensils

Water- Resources: 10 What it helps with: Thirst What you get: 2 bottles of water

Filter- Resources: 20 What it helps with: Thirst What you get: 1 filter

Med-Kit- Resources: 15. What it helps with: Health What you get: 1 med-kit

 Mouse-Traps- Resources: 13. What it helps with: Infestations What you get: 5 mouse traps

Spider-Spray- Resources: 12 What it helps with: Infestations What you get: 3 cans of spider-spray


Soup- Resources you get: 5

Water- Resources you get: 5

Medical Utensils- Resources you get: 13

* It was now evening time, you had so much food and so much water, it was amazing! *


---Who do you wish to give water/food to?---

- Dream

- Admin

- Auto Message

- Yourself

- Hatred

---What do you wish to give?---

- Soup

- Granola Bar

- Water

- * Make a Cake * (( Add's stress to cook: Admin. Stress increase: medium ))

- * Make a sandwich * (( Add's stress to cook: Admin Stress increase: low ))

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