Dien Korstem

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* You told Dream not to open the do- *

* The door slammed open, which caused Dream to topple backward, and to fall on his back. Someone ran in, and then slammed the door shut, locking it. *

???: Oh thank go-

* The person looked at the group and shrieked a little bit. *


* The person took out a knife, and looked at all of you. *

???: You better be!

* The person was a monster. They had orange skin, with freckles on their face, blue eyes, and dark orange lines across their arms. They wore a dark green shirt with speckles of white on it and slightly destroyed black pants. *

Auto Message: What's your name?

???: ...

???: My name is Dien. My full name is Dien Korstem.

Auto Message: What happened to you, Dien? And what's going on outside?

Dien: Why should I tell you?

Auto Message: Because we just got here, and we know nothing.

Dien: ...It's a crazy world out there. I'm running from a group of armed and recruited soldiers.

Admin: Why?

Dien: Because my family protested against the king...

Auto Message: Who's the king?

Dien: The king's name is Argose.

Admin: Why does that sound so familiar?

Auto Message: Because it's just Asgore, but flipped around.

Admin: Oh...

Dien: Asgore? Who's Asgore?

Auto Message: A king that rules over subjects in another universe.

Dien: ...

Auto Message: It's complicated. If you don't know about this stuff, then you won't get it.

Dien: Uhm, alright...

Dien: Anyway, his second-hand commander sent these soldier's upon us...the people are rebelling against the king, but he's having none of it...

Auto Message: Oh...

Dien: We're going to get him out of power though. We plan on making this rule a democracy...but the king want's it to stay as tyranny.

Auto Message: Can't the people force it?

Dien: We don't get any say, the king managed to flip around rules or something.

Auto Message: Is that even possible?

Dien: I dunno, I'm a child. I don't know EVERYTHING. We haven't built an established government.

Auto Message: Hmmm.

Dien: The king almost lost his role...until he managed to use his second-hand commander to brain-wash the people. Half have fallen under control, the other 3/4 are planning a rebellion that will wear out the king...

Auto Message: Alright. Then what about the other 1/4?

Dien: Running away. The king ordered the commander to attack everyone. But the commander was contradicting SOME of the rules that are in place, so now that somehow lead to him attack only a few people.

Auto Message: Okay...

Dien: My family is one of those people...

Auto Message: Oh, I'm so sorry Dien.

Dien: It's fine...life hasn't changed much. We've been poor for a while. There are monster's who was super rich and had to change their lives dramatically.

- " What's the commander's name?"

- " What was your life like in the past? "

- " What rules were set in place "

- " Do you just run around and try to evade all the gaurds? "

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