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* You gave Auto Message some soup, Dream a granola bar, you gave Hatred a sandwich, and you gave yourself some soup. Admin didn't get anything tonight. *

* You went back to your blanket and began to rest. *

(( Just some explanation. You can make soup, but it requires to leave the base. Yes, I know this is weird, but in order to FIND new food or ingredient's, you need to search around outside. When you do decide to search, you need to decide who to take outside. You can not, yourself, travel outside. ))

(( Thing is, they have a chance of getting hurt or even dying. The chance to die is rare, and will only happen if the person is weak. You can also use ingredient's to make new recipes, but you'll need to collect a book to use it. The only way to get it is to search outside. ))

(( If they come back, they'll most likely be tired and hurt, you'll need to make a med-kit to heal them. In order to form a med-kit, you'll need to find resources, which can be found outside during exploration. ))

(( When a person comes back from outside, they CAN bring back resources, ingredient's, and food. The chance's of what they'll bring is random depending. Each person has different stat's, and sending them out during specific weather's can be dangerous and reduce their health, choose the people who go carefully. ))

(( You don't have to go every day, but at a certain point your food will run out. You can also collect water outside. ))

((Disease may also start to enter your life, in order to keep them at bay you must have specific material's and also a medical book, which all those can be found outside. ))

(( Problem's between members will arise too, if you don't solve them carefully, they'll become upset, tired or angry. Be careful, as things MAY start to affect your life, and not just your members and food and water shortage's... ))

(( Survive as long as you can, until something interesting happens. Good luck! ))

---Next day---

* You woke up, Dream was really sweating now. He was constantly gripping onto the wall, and continue's to moan still. You noticed him starting to salivate as well, was he sick or was it something else? You didn't know... *

* Admin was on his phone, and so was Hatred. Today, Auto Message was cooking. You had to choose who would be getting what food and what would they get. *

* You could make one more sandwich, you also had 7 cans of soup and 3 granola bars. *

---Who do you wish to feed?---

- Dream

- Auto Message

- Admin

- Hatred

- Yourself

---What do you wish to feed them with?---

- Sandwich

- Granola bar

- Soup

---Do you wish to send someone out?--- (( It's currently sunny ))

- Yes

- No

---Who do you wish to send out, if you want someone to go out---

- Admin

- Auto Message

- Hatred

(( Dream is not available due to possible sickness... ))

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