End of the Week

23 1 11

* You gave water to Auto Message and Hatred. *

* Travis crafted a med-kit and gave it to Hatred. After also looking through the book, you found out that Hatred had a certain illness. Using the med-kit, you cured Hatred. Hatred no longer is sick. *

* Auto Message began banging on the walls now, screaming at everyone. Now everyone moved to Hatred's side, and now Auto Message is alone. She began crying louder and screaming all the time now. She was going fully insane. *

* You rested uncomfortable, Auto Message was insane and constantly screaming, making it impossible to rest. All the rest of you were uncomfortable and angry. *

(( IMPORTANT: Admin and Hatred are STARVING if you do not get any food by the end of the day tomorrow. THEY WILL DIE! ))


(( We will continue the next week tomorrow. ))

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