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* You asked what is name was. *

Dien: His name?

Dien: His name is Dream. Why?

* You widened your eyes. *

Dream: W-What?!

Dien: ? Well, he likes to go by commander Dream. 

Dream: M-My name is Dream!

Dien: ...what?

Auto Message: Don't mind Greg! He get's kind of nervous and just blurts out things

Dream: ...

Dream: Y-Yeah...

Dien: Oh, ok! I know what you mean, I get nervous all the time too.

Auto Message: So his name was Dream? 

Dien: Yes...he also has a brother who was named Nightmare.

Dream: ...

Dien: Thing was though, that he decided to turn "evil" and captured Nightmare for rebelling. He sent him to the dungeon. Nobody's seen him since.

Dream: Oh...ok.

Dien: Anything else you want to know? 

- " What was your life like in the past? "

- " What rules were set in place "

- " Do you just run around and try to evade all the gaurds? "

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