17 3 4

* You chose a ding dong ditcher, Hatred had already picked his card. *

Dream: Alright, I knew you were...

* Hatred showed his card, it said stupid. *

Dream: Oki, now (Y/N)

* You showed your card. *

Dream: (Y/N) wins.

Hatred: DANGIT! We have to stop after this round too, so it doesn't matter :/

* You said that whoever won would win since you are too nice *

Hatred: :D

* You flipped over a black card, and read. *

" ______ and ______ are my favorite things to eat. *

* Hatred and Dream looked at their cards, Hatred picked his first two cards, and Dream picked his two. *

Hatred: Here are mine.

* Hatred flipped over his cars, they were peach's and then the other one was eggplants. *

Dream: Here are mine

* Dream showed you his cards. They said Donald Trump and Water Emoji. *

Which one is better?

- Hatred's

- Dream's

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