More Food Choices

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* You fed Admin soup, Dream some soup, yourself a granola bar, and Hatred some soup. Auto Message didn't get any soup. *

* You told Admin he'd be going outside to scavenge for materials, he agreed. *

(( Last thing, depending on how long they are gone means how much they'll return with. If they are gone for three days they will bring back a lot of stuff, if they are back in one day they'll probably bring a few things ))

(( AND LASTLY, if they are gone for three days, you NEED to feed them immediately. Also, the change for three days of being gone is very low. ))

---Few hours later---

* Dream was looking kinda sick but started to stop moaning and everything...thing was he was now staring at everyone now. *

* Admin had left on his trip, Auto Message was on her phone, and Hatred was cooking dinner. *

* You had to decide who to give food to. *

* You had 3 cans of soup and 2 granola bars. *

---Who do you wish to give food too?---

- Dream

- Hatred

- Auto Message

- Yourself

---What do you wish to give them?---

- Soup

- Granola Bar

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