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---Two-ish hours later---

* You finished the movie Venom. Everyone wasn't spooked at all, they mostly just laughed and giggled at the jokes, including Dream. *

Dream: That was fun. ;p

Auto Message: Surprised you didn't scream.

Dream: When your friends make you watch It, The Conjuring, Annabelle Creation, and The Conjuring 2. You really aren't scared of anything anymore. It's mostly just hiding your face behind stuff and little screams. ;-;

Auto Message: Oh...right. 

Dream: Can we rewatch it?

Admin: I'm kinda tired, I think i'm going to head upstairs. 

Dream: Oh, okay. Bye Admin.

* Admin walked upstairs and entered his room, you heard him snoring not but seconds after. *

Auto Message: Lazy :/

Auto Message: Anyway, i'm going to make dinner.

Dream: I'll help!

* Auto Message and Dream got up and headed to the kitchen. Which left you and Hatred. *

Hatred: I'm just going to watch some more tv.

* Hatred turned on the tv and began watching some weird show called "The Rookie". *

( Hope I don't get sued for any copyright ;-; )

* You decided to head outside for a little walk, maybe go on Admin's bike. *


(( I just want to share this message with ya'll, and it's important. If your character goes out of someplace and doesn't see an action, DEY DID NOT SEE DA ACTION. Any comment that says they did gets deleted. Got eet? Gud. ))

---In Admin's Room---

* Admin was sleeping in his room, peacefully as usual. He twisted and turned for a minute, but then found the perfect position and layed in the bed and continued to sleep...*

...There was creaking from around the bed. 

Admin: ZzZzZzZ...

Very slightly, Admin started to feel weird sensations around his body. It was very odd when he was dreaming of living in a mansion and eating golden ice cream. Kinda made him feel as if he didn't wash for a weak.

Admin: ...

The sensation grew stronger, it now felt like he was getting an upset stomach from the ice-cream.

Admin: H-Hm?

* Admin opened his eyes, rubbing them, then looking around. Nothing there. *

Admin: ...

* Admin slowly got up, looking around the room for a minute, he could hear tiny little fingers scraping against the floor. Admin looked down, and all along the floor were three long scratch marks. Admin gasped, and jumped onto the bed. *


* Something strapped across Admin's mouth. *


---Few seconds later---

* You came back from your little walk, you looked at the house, everything was still the same. Where'd you want to go? *

- Check up on Auto Message and Dream

- Check up on Hatred


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