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* You made a loud scream. The skeleton's were thrown off, jumping off the walls and onto the ground. *

Commander Dream: ?!

Commander Dream: WHO DID THAT?

* Commander Dream pointed his sword at everyone. *

Commander Dream: ...

* Commander Dream grabbed Hatred, pulling him towards him, and then putting the sword around his neck. *

Commander Dream: OWN UP. OR THEY DIE.

Hatred: LET ME GO!

* Dream looked around, before grabbing a glass cup and running at Commander Dream. He smashed it against his eye, causing him to drop the sword. *

Commander Dream: OW!

* Auto Message grabbed the sword and aimed to slice it at his arm...before a yellow bone blocked her from doing so. *

Commander Dream: Ah-ha. Caught you.

* Commander Dream used his bone and twisted around so that the sword flung out of Auto Message's hand and onto the ground next to her. Dream ran at Commander Dream, trying to grab his body and fling it... *

* Commander Dream grabbed Dream's arm and then twisted his body around so that his body was facing forward, and his arm was now dislocated and turned towards Commander Dream. *


* Commander Dream looked at Dream, smirking...until he saw his face. It looked similar to Dream's... *

Commander Dream: ...

* When Dream looked at Commander Dream, he could see that there was a scar across his left eye, seemed like a scratch mark. *

Commander Dream: Wait...but that can't be-

* Auto Message had grabbed another glass cup, hitting it against the back of his neck. Commander Dream flinched a little, grabbing the back of his neck...before turning to look at Auto Message. *

* He summoned a large yellow bone, before quickly turning around and whacking her across the face with it...while she got flung back, she didn't take any damage. *

Flame Girl: GET HIM!

* Everyone ran at Commander Dream, he widened his eyes. He took out his yellow bone, and using it, whacked every single person right back to the wall. *

Commander Dream: Guess I'll just have to take everyone to the dungeon. 

* The people began to stand up, but Dream hit them back down with the yellow bone. *

Dream: SKELE'S. Make sure they do not escape!

* The skeleton's jumped around and landed in front of everyone, they began grabbing people. Commander Dream looked at the people who got grabbed, and in an instant, they began getting teleported...starting with Grillby. *

Flame Girl: DAD!

* Next was the Flame Girl, then the dogs, then the crocodile-like monsters...*

Dream: We can save them once we get to the castle! Come on!

* Dream and the rest of the group got up and ran right out the door. The skele's turned around, and seeing the group run away, jumped forward, following you. *

* Once they had left the bar, everyone else had been teleported away. Most likely to the dungeon. *

---Outside the bar---

* You ran down the path, looking behind you could see the skeleton's coming right after you. Jumping on the buildings, and tree's, and the ground. *

* You looked forward, you were coming across an intersection. *

- * Turn right into a neighboorhood*

- * Turn left into the forest *

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