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* You said that Brandon was innocent and that she should back off. *

Auto Message: You don't understand! Brandon, he-


* The lights turned completely off, before coming back on. *

Brandon: ...I'm going upstairs.

Auto Message: Brandon, wait-

* Brandon turned to look at Auto Message and glared at her. The lights began flickering again before he walked away...and they turned right back to normal. *

Cole: Brandon wait!

* Cole ran upstairs towards Brandon, but Brandon pushed him back. *

Brandon: Leave me alone. I have something to deal with.

* Brandon walked upstairs and walked into a room. You didn't know because you didn't see what room he went too. Auto Message put her hands on her head and hung her head in shame. *

Auto Message: Why is every relationship I have corrupted?

* Auto Message covered her eyes, before getting back up and heading upstairs. *

Auto Message: I'm going to bed...Cole, you coming?

Cole: Yeah... I'm coming.

* Cole headed upstairs, Auto Message closed the door as soon as Cole entered. Leaving you alone at the kitchen table still. *

* At least the tension had dissipated. But that was the least of your worries. With that, you went to the bathroom, grabbed the toothbrush, brushed your teeth, and went to bed... *

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