9 2 5

* You picked up a card, it was a red 9. Dream looked down at the cards. *

Dream: Shiz

* Dream icked up a card as well, his face suddenly beamed, befoe shaking his head and lowering his smile. *

Hatred: You're so bad at this game, Dream.

Dream: Be quiet, Hatred.

Hatred: Alright, and now here's the kicker!

* Hatred layed down a wild card. *

Hatred: I'll change it to...how about yellow?

* Since obviously the people behind the scr- I mean (Y/N) didn't want to pickup they played their yellow 5 *

Dream: Hmmmmm :/

Hatred: Ppla a card already!

Dream: I'm thonking, Hatred.

( Dem peeps who are in mah discord, ya'll know da thonking. ALSO PLEZ JOIN MAH DISCO- )

* Dream placed a card down on the top deck, it was a yellow +2 *

Hatred: Oh f off >:c

Dream: :3

* Hatred picked up two cards, he then placed down a yellow 2 *

Hatred: Your turn, (Y/N)

(( Oh, btw, since I can't count the amount of cards ya'll have since i'm too lazy. Would ya please say "UNO!" when ya have the uno, thanks xd ))

Which card do you wanna play?

- Blue 9

- Wild

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