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* You said ok and decided to head upstairs with Hatred. Hatred allowed you to enter his room, then closed the door. *

Hatred: You know what happened to Dream and Admin right?

* You replied yes. *

Hatred: So a freak accident happened fairly recently, and Auto Message doesn't want me to talk about it because she doesn't want to spark up any drama or anything...and I agree with the no drama and stuff. But I feel like you should know.

* You asked what freak accident happened. *

Hatred: For some reason, and somehow, Dream and Admin managed to come back...

* Your mouth dropped. *

Hatred: I know what you're thinking, and not in that way. He somehow managed to possess Cole, and Admin managed to posses Brandon. I don't know any details, but that's just all I know.

Hatred: What's worse is that Dream doesn't remember pretty much anything, and he's basically been convinced he is Cole. And the first person he's seen and been with the most is Auto Message.

* You ask how he knew *

Hatred: I don't wanna sound rude, because Cole was slightly our friend before. But he was rude as f***. I saw a gold "thing" enter him and that's when he changed. 

Hatred: Brandon was super nice, but he got possed by some gray "thing" as well. Now he's awkward and acting like Admin.

Hatred: Auto Message said if I told this to anyone that she'd be mad at me...

* You asked if he knew about the accident. *

Hatred: I-I don't know. I tried accessing my void and there was a huge crack that appeared, and this happened right after Cole got possessed.

* You nod your head. You then heard Cole shout from the kitchen. *

Cole: OI, (Y/N)! You coming down to help me cook?

* You yell back yeah. *

Hatred: Alright, but promise to not tell this to Cole or Brandon? Alright?

- * Agree *

- *Disagree *

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