Tired Troubles

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* You walked upstairs to see Admin, you knocked on his door and asked him to come downstairs. *

Admin: I'm coming, i'm coming.

* Admin opened the door, he looked less enthusiastic. And just walked downstairs. *

* Hatred was fixated on his tv show, to the point where you couldn't get him to stop watching it. So you just headed to the kitchen. *

Auto Message: Hatred doesn't want to eat?

* You said he was to concentrated on his little tv show, Auto Message sighed. *

Auto Message: Pass this plate on to him.

* Auto Message handed a plate to you, and you walked up to the couch and dropped the plate infront of him. *

Admin: Hey guys I-

* Admin opened his mouth, but then looked down. *

Admin: Nevermind.

Auto Message: Uhm...okay.

* You ate your food, glancing over at Admin. *

Admin: Would-

* Every sentence he tried to state he would always cut himself off, it seemed a little bit weird. And you already had that spidey-sense feeling that something was off with Admin...for like the 20th time. *

* This time, no one tried to talk to settle the awkwardness. Everyone was just silent again. *

* ... *

* Nothing happened for a minute. Until Dream got up, and washed his plate, then without a word he went upstairs to brush his teeth. Next followed Admin, next followed Hatred, and then pretty much lastly went Auto Message. *

* You went up when everyone had already gone to their beds. You brushed your teeth, and then got in your PJ's. You got ready to sleep, when you saw that there was a bright light still downstairs. You could hear a tv running, and you noticed that Hatred's room was open, and he wasn't inside. *

- * Head downstairs *

- * Go to sleep *

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