Feeling better

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* You gave Hatred cake, and everyone else BUT Dream water. *

* You also decided to make two med-kits, and a book. You gave the first med-kit to Hatred to cure his wounds. The second one to cure his infection. Hatred is no longer sick or had wounds. *

* You read the book, it completely got rid of your insanity! You came close to ripping it up, but you managed to not do so. You're no longer insane. You also still have the book. *

* Using all your resources, you now have 6 resources. *

* You have three pieces of cake and 1 bottle of water. *

---The Next Day---

* It was now Saturday. Hatred was now on his phone, and felt much better. *

* It was now morning *

---Who do you wish to feed?---

- Dream

- Admin

- Auto Message

- Yourself

- Hatred

---What do you wish to give?---

- Cake

- Water

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