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* You got up and turned to the couple. *

* You told them how dare they talk to us like that, how mean they were. And how ashamed they should be. *

Monster #1: The only ashaming thing here is that your friend's killed thousands!

* You shouted at them how offensive they were being. *

Monster #2: Oh shut up. Your opinion is irrelevant.

* For some reason you shouted they were a RiceGum wannabe. *

Monster #1: Who's RiceGum?

Monster #2: He's a douche who cares about money only and challenges everyone.

Monster #1: Oh...sounds a lot like this person.

Human: Can ya'll monsters just stop? I don't want to hear you yapping for no reason. Just leave them alone. 

Monster #1: Shut it human. You're the reason we stayed in the underground.

Human: Wow, I'm so offended. Woooooow.

- * Continue to confront the monsters. *

- * Sit back down and ignore them. *

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