The Start of an Adventure

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???: Hey Auto Message...

Auto Message: ?

???: I know you've been kinda upset lately. Especially with all the past drama and stuff, I know it's hitting hard for you...

Auto Message: Yeah, I know...

???: I just wanted you to know that I got your back. If you ever want to talk to me about anything at can.

Auto Message: I's just so hard to try and get rid of that gap that Dream left...He was annoying sometimes, yes, but he was my best friend and frankly my only friend...

???: Well, now you got another one. And I'm not going anywhere...

Auto Message: Thank you, for...everything.

???: You're welcome.

Auto Message: I love you, Cole.

Cole: I love you too.


* After the Dream incident, you decided to stay away from the house and all the drama. But now, the group actually invited you to their house to LIVE in. You accepted, and now here you front of the house. *

Auto Message: (Y/N)!

* You turned to Auto Message and saw her walking out, she hugged you. *

Auto Message: Come! Come!

* Auto Message led you to the house and opened the front door. Hatred was waiting there, along with a guy who had blonde hair, brown eyes, a grey sweater, and black shoes. And another guy who had very fizzy black hair, black eyes, a short red shirt, and blue running shoes. *

Auto Message: You know Hatred-

Hatred: Nice to see you again, (Y/N)

Auto Message: This is Cole, my boyfriend.

* Auto Message pointed to Cole. *

Cole: Hi! A pleasure to meet you, (Y/N)!

* He gave you a big warm hug and then stepped back. *

Auto Message: And that's Brandon!

Brandon: Uhhhm, hi!

* Brandon reached his hand out, you shook it. *

Auto Message: Anyways, make yourself at home! 

Cole: Your room is going to be my one.

* You asked if that'd be a problem *

Cole: Not at all! I'm fine being in Auto's room.

Cole: Anyways, if you want you can help me with cooking dinner tonight?

* You say that would be nice. You just wanted to look around at the moment though... *

Cole: Totally reasonable. I'll be in the kitchen getting ready.

* Cole headed off to the kitchen, Brandon headed upstairs, avoiding pretty much all contact with you. *

Hatred: Just so you know, Cole is an expert at cooking. So you can expect almost all the fine dishes for dinner ;p

* You replied how sweet Cole was. *

Hatred: Uh-huh...hey listen, I need to talk to you after you finish cooking upstairs in my room. It's really important, or you can go now if you want. 

- "I'll unpack first and help Cole cook"

- "I can talk to you right now!"

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