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*You told him it was fine, you'd pay off the debt anyway. *

Dream: You don't have's my fault-

* You told him that it wasn't HIS fault and that it'd be paid off by you and you only. Plus, you also told him you'd be staying at their house again. *

Dream: ...Fine, you do you.

* You heard a knock on the door. Hatred got up and looked through the tiny little peephole, then opened the door. It was Admin with some McDonald's *

Admin: I tried resisting the urge to bite into anyone's things that weren't mine.

Dream: Tried?

Admin: Don't be surprised when your McFillet has a bite mark in it ;-;

* Admin gave al the bags to everyone, you got some medium fries. *

Hatred: You hate half of my fries...

Admin: I'm sorry ;-;

Hatred: It's alright...I hope this Cheeseburger can fill me up at least. 

* Everyone began digging into their meals. *

Dream: Hey Admin, (Y/N) said they're staying with us.

Admin: Alrighty.

* Admin continued eating his fries. *

Admin: Wait...we don't have a guest bedroom.

Hatred: They can sleep in my room. I'll set up a floatable bed downstairs for me to sleep on. It's cooler down their anyways :/

Dream: It's fine, Hatred. They can take my room.

Hatred: My room is better than yours though.

Dream: :/

* You heard the bathroom door open, Auto Message came out all dressed up in PJ's. *

Auto Message: Who's going next?

Admin: I am.

* Admin entered the bathroom, closing and locking the door. Auto Message rested on the bed. *

Auto Message: Hey Dream, can you turn on the tv?

Dream: Sure.

* Dream picked up the remote and turned the tv on, the channel it was set to was Fox 2 News. They were doing a report on what happened tonight. *

Reporter: We've been told that damage will be fixed tomorrow.

Anchor: And, Amanda we're being told that four scientists are working on the goo and tentacle's found at the scene. 

Reporter: ...Yes, Rohn. We've gotten minor details, but we have been told Dr. Franklin, Dr. Laura and two new scientist's to the job Dr. Martin and Dr. Patrick are working on those investigations.

Anchor: Alright, thank you for the information, Amanda.

Reporter: ...Any time Rohn.

Anchor: Alright, new story tonight about how a little boy with cancer is becoming famous on Instagram. New on that story lat-

* Hatred turned the Tv off. *

Dream: Hey! I wanted to see the little boy if you didn't want to!

Hatred: It's just fake news, get over it.

Dream: It is not!

Hatred: The boy died a week ago.

Dream: ...

Hatred: Oh don't be a baby about it. :/

Dream: Ugh.

* Admin came out of the bathroom. *

Admin: Alright, who's going next?

- * Let Dream go next *

- * Go next *

- * Let Hatred go next *

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