Ration the Food

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* You decided to talk with Auto Message. *

Auto Message: ? Oh hey (Y/N)...

* You asked if she was ok. *

Auto Message: I'm fine, but I don't think Dream's ok. He's been moaning ever since last night...I think he's upset.

* You said it might be something else... *

Auto Message: ? Wha- WAIT. Ewwww! Gross!

* You said you'd deal with it, you also asked where Hatred was. *

Auto Message: Went to go make some food, I think he's also kinda upset about all this "you not being you" stuff. Just so you know, I got your back. Even if you lied, it doesn't matter now. We'll talk about it later anyway...

* You thanked her, and she went back to being on her phone. You walked away, and sat down on your blanket. That's when you heard Hatred enter back in. *

Hatred: Hey guys! I made some soup!

Admin: Mmmmm. I could do with some soup right now...

* Admin ran over and grabbed it, Auto Message also got up grabbing it, you followed last. *

Hatred: What about Dream?

Auto Message: He already ate at home, I gave him some chips and a sandwich. He'll be fine. We need to ration out our food supply for right now. I think (Y/N) should be in charge of that.

Admin: How much soup do we have left?

Hatred: We have a fair bit of soup, I think we have 10 cans, we also have some granola bars, but those don't really fill you up.

Admin: How many granola bars?

Hatred: 5. We also do have some food ingredients, we have some lettuce, tomatoes, onions, paprika, and I think some bread.

Admin: How much is there of the ingredients?

Hatred: 2 pieces of lettuce, 3 pieces of tomatoes, 5 pieces of onions, a small bottle of paprika, and 5 loaves of bread.

Admin: So, in total we have 26 food choices...that should be good.

Hatred: There is a serious problem though...we might have food, but we don't have any water.

Admin: ...Well frick.

Hatred: I didn't find any around the base, so I think we're gonna need to get creative

Auto Message: Here, (Y/N). I have wrote it all down.

* Auto Message handed you a list. *

Auto Message: We should get some good shut-eye. Then we can see what we'll eat.

* You agreed, you finished up your soup. Then layed down in your blanket, you closed your eyes, and fell asleep. *

(( Also, yes I know the base probably has food and water. But just for the sake of it to make it more interesting, let's just say it's kinda abandoned or something- ))

---The Next Day--

* You woke up, Dream was actually awake now. He was sitting in the corner, Auto Message and Admin were still asleep. Hatred was next to you. *

Hatred: Morning, (Y/N).

* You said morning back. *

Hatred: I was just wondering who'd we feed and what we'll feed them, I need to know so that either I or Auto Message can make it.

* Touch choices, you could give everyone food or ration it out. This was going to be your call either way *

---Will you give everyone food or not?---

- Yes

- No

---If you don't want to give food to everyone, who will you give food too?---

- Auto Message

- Dream

- Admin

- Yourself

- Hatred

---What do you plan on giving out to each person?---

- Soup

- Granola bar

- A sandwich

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