* You replied back saying that they should do Uno, Cards against Humanity, Wii sports, and Minecraft X-Box*

Dream: Alright, come on down when you finish your breakfast.

* You said alright, then put your phone in your pocket. You began finishing up whatever was on your plate. You finished up your pancakes, bacon, and eggs, and ran to the small little closet near the front of the house. *

Auto Message: Be back by 7!

* You said alright. You opened the closet, grabbed your coat, and just like that you were off. *

--- A Few minutes later---

* You arrived at their house, Dream was already waiting at the door for you. *

Dream: (Y/N)! 

* You ran over to Dream and gave him a hug. *

Dream: We've got everything set up! We're going to be playing Uno first! Come on in!

* You followed Dream as he leads you to the living room, Hatred was already sitting down. He was holding 7 Uno cards, and there were two more sets on the table. *

Dream: Here.

* Dream handed you a deck of cards, and he grabbed the other set. *

Dream: Let us begin!

* You flipped through your cards, you had a yellow 5, blue 9, wild card, red +2, green 2, blue 2, and green reverse *

* The first card that was drawn and placed on top was a yellow 2. *

Hatred: I'll go first

* Hatred looked at his cards, then took out one card and set it on the top. It was a yellow 3. *

Dream: I'll go second then...

* Dream looked at his cards, then took out a card and placed it on the top. It was a blue three. *

Which card do you wish to put on the top?

- Blue 2

- Blue 9

- Wild

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