Day 6- Someone from your childhood

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  • Dedicated to Jessica

Dear Jessica,

Reeeeeeeeeeeally long time, no talk! You may or may not remember me because, in complete honesty, I remember you, but not very well. I do, however, remember when we were four and we ran into each other with our moms at Bi-Lo and spent their entire conversation obsessing over some lip gloss that had a brush on BOTH SIDES of the container. Coolest thing ever, right?

I remember a few other memories other than that, but then this would get all sentimental and crap and I don't think either of us would want to read that.

We actually saw each other back in the summer before sixth grade, remember? Both of us were touring the middle school (with our moms, of course) and our moms bumped into each other and like exploded from their excitement at seeing the other person. Just FYI, the reason I didn't really talk to you wasn't because I didn't remember yuo, it was just the fact that I hadn't talked to you in EIGHT YEARS.

Do you go to the Trail now? I honestly haven't the slightest idea if you do or not because I'm in the Double Advanced class, which means that I stay with the same group of people basically all day x) If you do though, I hope that we get around to talking again.

Lots of love,


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