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Ok.. what is happening (a Hamilton fanfic) by satans-1daughter
Ok.. what is happening (a Lucifers daughter
What happens when you an actress for Hamilton suddenly find yourself in your apartment with seven of the founding fathers. ReaderxLin Basically a story about the foundi...
Lehetetlen ellenálás!(Tóth László-Spacc/Marics Peti) by tinaa07_
Lehetetlen ellenálás!(Tóth László tinaa07_
A táncos csajok Vanda és Blanka felkérést kapnak két előadótól a Brúnó x Spacc duótól a közös munkára. Vandából furcsa érzéseket vált ki Laci amit nem tud hová tenni ám...
Hamilton Elementary by Hifriendsilikebooks
Hamilton Elementaryby Hifriendsilikebooks
(This is kind of a joke don't take it seriously lmao.) Join the Hamilton gang in... 3rd grade? Includes: Student government, Love affairs, (aka holding Maria's hand like...
Hamilton University by Hifriendsilikebooks
Hamilton Universityby Hifriendsilikebooks
The Hamilton college AU that nobody asked for but I wanted to write. Seriously, if you haven't listened to the Hamilton soundtrack GO DO IT. What happens when the immigr...
Ancestors- A  modern Hamilton and Y/n AU by exulansis_writes
Ancestors- A modern Hamilton Exulansis :]
Y/n has always been a special girl. She's smart, talented and beautiful. But she has a secret. She can see and talk to her ancestors.. Who? Oh.. The Hamilton Family. Yep...
alexander hamilton smut & fics by condescendingbabe
alexander hamilton smut & ficsby trashyrainbow
just alexander and I in make up scenarios . Hamilton has my nonexistent heart ! Slow updates but in bulk each time ! COMMENT !
favores; Replik by sophiaxtw
favores; Replikby -babygirl
- ¿trato hecho? -trato hecho- dije y él unió nuestras manos #1-FMS-29/12/19 #1-FREESTYLE-02/01/20
A Nerd Hurts a Bully by sillymcdonaldo
A Nerd Hurts a Bullyby sally
Zach is a bully. Not a bully that beats up people and calls them slurs. Not a bully who forces you for your math homework. Zach is a bully who calls people "nerd&qu...
Football one shots by shortnessofbreath
Football one shotsby Linnea
A few one shots written by me.
Winx 15 Years Later by Kennedi225
Winx 15 Years Laterby Kennedi225
The Winx have just defeated Valtor and brought back light to the stars and the universe now the Winx find out they are pregnant they try to tell the Specialists but not...
Just Jump And Be Free - Adopted by Lin-Manuel Miranda  by my55555acc
Just Jump And Be Free - Adopted Linmanueyeet
14 year old Ashley Contello has been in the foster system since the age of 10. Though the foster system was never supposed to place her with men in the house hold, she h...
Relatos homosexuales de personas heterosexuales by cuenta04bloqueada
Relatos homosexuales de personas Señorita X
Con un titulo tan explicito creo que no es necesario dar una descripción... Son historias con relaciones sexuales homosexuales si no te gusta tocá de acá pero no le apa...
Non-Stop || Lin-Manuel Miranda by TimeForEverything
Non-Stop || Lin-Manuel Mirandaby Allie
Fame. A simple word that holds different meanings to many people across the world. To some this is what they strive for; this is exactly what they want in life. To other...
12 Years || And High Water Sequel || Lippa by SenseOrSensibility
12 Years || And High Water P.S.
12 Years. How long it's been since Lin went to jail. 12 Years. How long it's been since Nastasia saw her father. 12 Years. How long it's been since Pippa was able t...
broadway kid || an original hamilton cast fan fiction by allaboutkenz
broadway kid || an original Kenzie
New York. The Big Apple. A world of opportunities and open minds. Arguably the greatest city in the world. This is not quite true for Gracie Daniels (AKA Broadway Kid, c...
Hey, Hey, Hey, lover! by Salemlostsignal
Hey, Hey, Hey, lover!by Salem <3
grofflin story for the future.
Papá no regreso a casa- Chirú-LatinHetalia by TheSad_LLama
Papá no regreso a casa- Chirú TheSimp_LLama
Manuel se va al enterarse que tendría un hijo con miguel. ↪Manuel x Miguel/ Chile x Perú ↪Sera contado desde en punto de vista de Julio
~OneShots ArgChi~ by YaPareceMadokaMagica
~OneShots ArgChi~by | ¿Cuál es tu deseo? |
Pues, ¡KuroNeko al habla! Esta novelilla esta hecha para que las subnormales que administran esta cuenta, ademas de mi, suban su ArgChi. Y si, nos gusta Hetalia y tod...
London | Lin x Pippa by GoCubbies2016
London | Lin x Pippaby heello
Lin-Manuel Miranda and Phillipa Soo have always had chemistry on stage, but when they run into each other in London things take a turn that will affect their future grea...
Familton: Adopted by Lin Manuel Miranda by Paxi_The_Penguin
Familton: Adopted by Lin Manuel Paxi_The_Penguin
The name used for the book will just be Y/N because that will be easiest. Also this is a Fem! reader book because it's easier for me to put "her" instead of pu...