Day 5- Your reflection in the mirror

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Dear, well, Me,

I'll tell you what, usually when I wake up in the morning, you. Freakin'. Scare me. I mean, is my skin always that shiny? How did my hair stick up in that direction? And how does it stay that way even when I spend ten minutes trying to flattten it?

But, then, I take a shower, get dressed in some clothes other than my grey t-shirt and Superman pj pants, and dry my hair and I actually feel a lot better towards you. Except those days when the layers in my hair decide not to cooperate with each other, then I just decide to avoid you altogether.

Your eyes are absolutely gorgeous, though. I love how each time I look at you, they are a different color. I'd prefer if you keep them that dark grey color you had them at a while ago, though. But, you know, this arrangement is fine too x)

You also have super shiny hair. Like seriously, what do you do that makes it so shiny? I am you, and I have no clue what the step is in my morning routine that makes your hair look like that.

And last, but certainly not least, your skin. Most of the time, your skin is gorgeous. I know sometimes you hate that your Irish skin can't get tan (ever), but you really shouldn't ever hate it. You look gorgeous with the snow white skin you have and you should never try to change it.

Well, it's been nice talking to you..... me...... us........ okay, let's just go with you. Don't forget what I've told you!

Lots of love,


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