Day 9- Someone you judged by first impression

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Dear Kit Kat,

Hey there, gym buddy! I freakin' miss you! When are you gonna come and visit all of us down at the Trail? I hope you do it sometime at the beginning of the year. Or, you know, you could just move back. That would be go with me too ;D

Alright, so, down to business.

The first time I saw you in Gym, I immediately thought, "Oh god, another one of those girls." You were really short and petite and had a very glamorous aura about you (and you still are really short, petite, etc.) My first impression of you was that you were going to be one of those very stuck-up girls who always demands getting what they want.

Then I actually started talking to you.

Kit Kat, you are legit one of the coolest people I have ever had the privilege to exchange carbon dioxide with (A/N: For all of you sick minded people out there, that means talking to.) You are like a little  ball of bottled up energy! You are seriously adorable, my friend.

Okay, I've made an executive decision. You are, as of this moment, not allowed to move. So, I guess I'll see you when school starts xD

But, in all seriousness, I'm seriously going to miss you. Keep in touch.

Lots of love,


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