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I got kidnapped by my favorite band: Black Veil Brides! by funnypants628
I got kidnapped by my favorite funnypants628
Haley and her friend Crista go to a BVB concert to only find out they have been kidnapped by their favorite band! Really bad description but just read to find out!! :3
  • werid
  • weirdness
  • black
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serendipity 一 poems by jhope-
serendipity 一 poemsby ˗ˏˋ JI ˊˎ˗
short poems by a teenage girl who changes her style multiple times throughout this book. 11/13/15 - #34
  • kpop
  • infinite
  • tagged
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The weirdness from within by Empress_Nicole1
The weirdness from withinby Nerdy~Nickie~Wonders
This book is basically about me in weird circumstances that are actual,y pretty normal, but I make sound ridiculous. :p
  • weirdness
  • alicelongbottom
  • random
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The Tails of Friendship by ShishiKitty
The Tails of Friendshipby Roxie
The Tails of Friendship is a story about a group of nine meif'wa kittens and there adventures throughout life. All character's belong to Aphmau expect for Shadow, Alexan...
  • ships
  • garrence
  • fluff
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Arrival by 2a22y_P2iioniic2
Arrivalby 2a22y_P2iioniic2
After receiving a mysterious letter, Carlos and his group of scientists move to a small desert town called nightvale to investigate and study. they soon find out just ho...
  • weirdness
  • carlos
  • cecil
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All About Alex by Fanboy_Alex
All About Alexby Alexander Aaron Grayson
Wanna know me better? Well then your in the right places. You may now meet Alex Da Great! I am looking for the cutey, with all the beauty. To haters: 'Judge me whateve...
  • thanks
  • outgoingness
  • aaa
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Witherstar(Sage)'s Book Of... Catness? by BlueDiamondKat
Witherstar(Sage)'s Book Of... Imaginary Storm Clouds
Hello, hoomans. I am Witherstar, leader of BrambleClan! FEEL MY WRATH
  • weirdness
I'm Alive by Never-MIA
I'm Aliveby Mia B.
Meet Ashley, she isn't your average teenager. No she isn't a super villain or hero. Follow her adventures of life and weirdness.
  • teens
  • weirdness
  • magic
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art book by Furby-Monster69
art bookby ȕüý²Ȝ˂ȟ²ȟýç²á¾ˋ˫ˋ˷ȕ
I won't update often so beware
  • random
  • art
  • iwannadie
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Random stuffs by MeowImmaDeathDealer
Random stuffsby Just a Bit Yandere~
Random stuff that I draw or write that doesn't quite make it into my Watson Blog or I forget about :P
  • fandomstuff
  • draw
  • weirdness
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|| sᴛᴀɢᴇ ᴏɴᴇ || /ᴠᴋᴏᴏᴋ/ by VkookIsGayAndSoAmI
|| sᴛᴀɢᴇ ᴏɴᴇ || /ᴠᴋᴏᴏᴋ/by Gotta love gayness
This whole plan was for Jungkook to get Tae's attention. Little did he know how hard it was. So he decided to make a plan.
  • yoonminseok
  • namjin
  • vkook
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Judgement. by Miss_Hamiltrash_28
#14 Miss_Hamiltrash_28
Jane, a 23 year old girl, finally bought the perfect house for all of her friends to move into. As the group continues to go on adventures together, they stumble upon on...
  • weirdness
  • 😃😃
Hiding In Plain Sight ✘ Misc. Book by tomsparker
Hiding In Plain Sight ✘ Misc. Bookby ˗ˏˋ R Y A N N ˎˊ˗
" she doesn't even go here!━ "
  • aboutme
  • miscellaneous
  • weirdness
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yeah, I have no idea what I did to the title.... OC requests: Open. Anime requests: Open
  • lololol
  • ihavenocluewhyidothistomyself
  • artiguess
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Lists by MidnightOfRoses
Listsby Night D. Walker
The title says it all! Disclaimer: I do not own anything from any anime, cartoon,book or movie or whatever that may be used for this book. This book is for entertainment...
  • entertainment
  • humor
  • weird
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The Bachlorette One Direction/5SOS/BTR by super_graceffa_fan
The Bachlorette One Direction/ Jessa Prescott
The Bachlorette For Directioners?!?!?? Yup this story is about a girl who becomes the bachlorette. An guess who the contestants are yep the boy bands of the year. Some a...
  • onedirection
  • drama
  • love
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The Late Night Rants and Rambles of The Phenomenal Thor by TheAdventuresOfTMBM
The Late Night Rants and Rambles TheAdventuresOfTMBM
So this is my random late night rants and rambles. Everything from bands to Star Wars to the unanswerable questions of life. Brace yourself.
  • rants
  • randomness
  • phenomenal
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