6 days to die || Tododeku by marleyisadog
6 days to die || Tododekuby Chiai is a human
Todoroki has a HUGE crush on Izuku Midoriya after the Sports Festival but has no idea how to to even talk to him. Then a odd ghost like man from a different time line co...
  • lesbian
  • suicide
  • fanfiction
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Family Struggles of the Bangtan Household (BTS ft. Stray Kids) by JungShookenn
Family Struggles of the Bangtan !!skzus*i,m*shooke,d
Inside the Namjin Family! ( Namjin are parents, rest are weird teenagers. ) (Contains a lot of family struggles..)
  • weirdness
  • grumpyyoongi
  • bullying
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Potato knishes (Random Book) by AmazingMichael
Potato knishes (Random Book)by Celina the trash
this is my 3rd random book,I deleted the other 2 for some reason ^^' but this will just be a book with random thoughts and stuff like that and maybe some drawings even t...
  • art
  • pictures
  • crap
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Batman Boyfriend Scenario by timdrake2001
Batman Boyfriend Scenarioby Queen Llamacorn
This is a Batman Boyfriend Scenario since I really don't see a whole lot on Wattpad. This will include Bruce Wayne Dick Grayson Jason Todd (The Red Hood version) Tim Dr...
  • awesomeness
  • batman
  • robins
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Secrets Of Kristina by Starrie27
Secrets Of Kristinaby Starrie27
Kristina, an eighteen year old girl is always in her room, but why? Her sexual dad is interrupting everything as he 'wants her to be a lady', hiring more men to 'teach'...
  • sex-slave
  • romance
  • intercourse
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Living with the Drew boys *complete* by Cookie_Monster_15991
Living with the Drew boys * Destiny Rico
Going under editing!!! WARNING!!! A LOT OF HAH'S IN THE BEGINNING!!!! You have been warned!!!!! Meet Maria Catherine Martin. She lives in Elberta, Alabama. She thought...
  • heartbreak
  • weirdness
  • love
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THIS IS ME | FACE REVEAL by Cutechimmy10
Do you wanna know who am I... then. ok. Go ahead and enter the passage. WARNING: -THIS FACE CONTAINS UGLINESS IT MIGHT BURN YOUR EYES. Highest ranking: January 18, 2...
  • bts
  • justbeingme
  • ugly
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{Camp Camp} Max x Reader Oneshots by suicidal_sneky_snek
{Camp Camp} Max x Reader Oneshotsby suicidal_sneky_snek
you read it. go on. read it. might be cringeworthy tho. Camp Camp belongs to Rooster Teeth. Credit goes to whoever made this wonderful and cute picture I used as the cov...
  • maxxreader
  • romance
  • weirdness
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BTS Kidnapped me?! by nanneolsaranghaeyo
BTS Kidnapped me?!by Everday Lifeu
7 handsome men made their way into your life and they are driving you crazy. You are the daughter of the greatest and richest CEO and you were their target. How would li...
  • 중호석
  • 전정국
  • 민윤기
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Ariel meets Percy by Corna-Void
Ariel meets Percyby Corna Void
The little mermaid & co. meets Ariel's uncle and his family. Will Ariel be caught up in the crazy life of Percy? Will her daughter,Melody have a grudge? Will the author...
  • ariel
  • percyjackson
  • somethingnew
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No Puppet Strings Can Hold Me Down by AmeliaLovesSU
No Puppet Strings Can Hold Me Downby FrickinPidgeIsMe
Dipper Pines is still in Gravity Falls, living with his two Grunkles and his twin sister Mabel. Everything is back to normal, until a certain one-eyed dorito comes back...
  • mystery
  • weirdness
  • dipper
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Zach Herron Smut  by BitchImDrowning
Zach Herron Smut by BitchImDrowning
Very dirty dirty smut here
  • weirdness
I am the Alpha's daughter! by xxzainyyxx
I am the Alpha's daughter!by Zainab
Alexis or Lexi as people call her, has two older brothers at the age of 17. Twin older brothers. She is 15. Finding out that the strongest and most dangerous pack will...
  • new
  • teen-romance
  • love
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It's Pretty Random! {Randomness Book} by SmirnoffCola
It's Pretty Random! {Randomness Edd or Tom
What I talk about in this randomness book is total randomness
  • fun
  • funny
  • hilarious
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Creepypasta Zodiacs by _ChamomileTea_
Creepypasta Zodiacsby Jessica ☀️
The title says it all ♉️♎️♓️♈️♍️♒️♑️♌️♋️♐️♊️♏️
  • sally
  • fanfic
  • janethekiller
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Wonder's Art Book by wonderspacetime
Wonder's Art Bookby ❤️Wonder/Elizabeth💚
Classic!Wonder:here you go guys,admin suggested I do this Swap!Wonder:yes! Fell!Wonder:it's about time,I guess...... Swap!Wonder:fiona! appreciate it! I've been waiting...
  • alternateuniverse
  • weirdness
  • art
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Random Garbage by Lockylefan
Random Garbageby Dead Inside
Quotes I make up and actual garbage. You might get some art and lots of tags, I get tagged a lot. The gorgeous cover was made by the amazing and wonderful @FuckingAsexual
  • ranting
  • weirdness
  • useless
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Sans x reader Oneshots by CwakePOPZ
Sans x reader Oneshotsby Bread & Butter
Yup. Every AU included. There may be lemons. Idk I'm not sure yet. ~~~ Imma needs to stop writing sad or cute fics soon. It's breaking my heart! ~ Bread the Bred I need...
  • weirdness
  • shots
  • cute
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the abnormal adventurous four by Tanisha16123
the abnormal adventurous fourby Tanisha
four people wake up with no memory and no understanding on how they got to this place. little do they know it's not how they got there that they need to worry about they...
  • adventure
  • secrets
  • kindness
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I kill for her love by Nashi199
I kill for her loveby Naski
Natsu a boy who thought he was motionless. Until a blonde stepped in and showed him wrong. Once the blonde stepped into his world her fate was sealed forever. Natsu knew...
  • lucy
  • nalu
  • stalking
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