Day 10- Your dreams

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Dear Dreams,

Why don't you ever finish?! I mean, even if you're having a nightmare, it's really annoying for you to just end in the middle when something really important is happening because I wake up. Can you make yourself a little shorter if it's the time constraint that's stopping you from finishing? If not, that's fine, but please try to finish every now and then. Or, at least, if I wake up and then fall back asleep like I do a lot of the time, just start where you left off! Don't make a new dream!!

I'll tell ya something. Every now and then you are really weird, but most of the time, you are realistic. Like, you could actually happen, if someone wanted you to. Try not to do that as often as you do now. I appreciate the effort, but sometimes I wake up and think you are an actual memory and then I ask someone "Hey, you remember that time..." and of course they won't because you didn't actually happen. That happens very often and after the first 5 times, it gets a little old. Just because I comment about how weird my brother's dreams are, doesn't mean I don't want weird dreams myself.

Thanks for being there, though. Without you, I would be an isomniac because I would see no purpose in going to sleep. I would probably be a lot more bored than I am now if you were there, too.


Lots of love,


Author's Note: Hey guys! I'm soooooo sorry for not posting this yesterday, but I was super busy yesterday and by the time I wasn't doing anything, I was absolutely exhausted. But, to make up for it, I'm posting two today! Hope you like them!

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